Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 1 at Comic Con & Unhealthy fries at Olympics

The Twilight Cast's final year at Comic Con
Many of my blogger peers have made the trek to San Diego this week to attend Comic Con, and as per their tweets and blog articles, a lot of awesome things occurred in just the first day. I am impressed and surprised by some of the A-listers that were in attendance yesterday promoting upcoming films. However, the highlight for Twilight fans was the entire cast of the franchise on the panel yesterday. I'm not a fan of the films, but I have seen them on DVD... I cannot allow myself to actually pay a ticket and go to the theater and sit there with the devoted and watch these juvenile fantasy vampire films. But just out of curiosity, and for my love for the vampire horror genre, I have seen some of these films in the privacy of my home. So I'm not ignorant about the movies, but I can tell you that I still don't understand the manic infatuation with the books and movies, but, who am I to judge? So with that said, the final part of 'Breaking Dawn 2' will come out in November,  but the Comic Con fans got a double treat at the convention by not only seeing the cast in the non-sparkly flesh, but about 7 minutes of the film too.

Henry Cavill
 Today at Comic Con, Henry Cavill, the new Superman will be at the Warner Brothers panel, and that should be a good one. Henry is ridiculously gorgeous and a decent actor as well, so I think he'll bring some very good qualities to the umptenth revisioning of Superman. And apparently it has just been mentioned on a blog reporting from CC that new details about the RoboCop remake have been released. The movie release date is August 9, 2013, a whole year from now. And it is still not clear if any part of the film will be filmed in the Detroit area. If that happens, that would be incredibly awesome and provide fodder for the Motor City Comic Con, which just occurred in May. So perhaps next year, the Detroit CC will have something related to RoboCop since Lt. Murphy is a Detroit cop. Stay tuned.

As many of you realize, the Olympics are in London this summer and when I was in London in early June, the city was celebrating the Queen's Jubilee, but there was also a significant pre-Olympics presence on display around the city. The Olympics start on July 27th, and the latest ridiculous news I heard is in regards to McDonald's monopolization/sponsorship of the games by sending out a mandate that no other food vendor can sell fries to patrons in town during the Olympics because they must only be allowed to eat McDonald's fries. They are BANNING other vendors from selling fries. Can you believe this shit? However... unless someone is buying the English meal standard of Fish & Chips, then they can order that with the traditional thick and chunky chips, but any other meal where fried potatoes is on the menu to be ordered, they cannot serve that as it will be in unfair competition to the holy sponsor, McDonald's! So if you were to order a hamburger from one of the few hundred other small vendors, they cannot sell you fries to go with that!!! I haven't eaten at McDonald's in probably two years. I try to eat healthy, like sushi, Luna bars, smoothies, and salads, etc. The last time I ate there, I got sick... my stomach had a hard time processing the highly processed salty food and I felt like I had lead in my stomach. Then being stupid, a month later, I ate at a different McD's thinking that I just ate something bad. Nope, same reaction. I think my Bikram yoga and healthier eating has made my body more 'efficient' and when I eat something shady, my body reacts to it. Lesson learned, I just stick to healthy foods.

Number one, I have never seen such outrageous sponsorship-monopolization...oh wait, yes I have, I tried to order some Olympics products for work a few weeks ago, and my boss only has an employee Mastercard charge card. The company I was trying to buy the Olympics stuff from said that they ONLY take VISA!!! Apparently, VISA is the ONLY credit card that people can use to buy Olympics themed stuff anywhere on the planet, and it's the only card you can use at the Olympics! Not everyone has a VISA, some only have a MC, or American Express... or, guess what, prefer to only use cash! So anyway, I just find it odd that for a fast food chain restaurant that serves such unhealthy food, is the sponsor of choice for nutritional supplements of the Olympics games. Well, they have been sponsors of the Olympics for about 40 years, but still... sponsorship should not be so forceful, especially in regards to a food staple like the potato. No athlete in their right mind would eat at McDonald's while they are in competition as the food is not healthy for them... but yet, there it is, the largest McDonald's in the UK will serve food to the masses that any athlete worth their salt, pun intended, wouldn't be seen at during their participation in the games. I just think this is rude to the consumer to not allow them the option to buy fries with meals at other vendors as if McD's has a patent on fries in London during the games. The International Olympic Committee ought to be ashamed of themselves for granting McDonald's exclusive rights to sell unhealthy, fattening, high-calorie, sugar-coated salty fries!

Although my blog is just a week old, this has been something I wanted to establish months ago. Today, I bought the domain so that the blog could be more legitimate and professional. And in buying my domain, it demonstrates my commitment to maintaining this blog, and giving it an officialness to it. If you haven't already, please 'follow' the blog so that you can get updates when new articles are published, and feel free to 'share' any of the articles with friends at Facebook, Google+, or followers at Twitter, by clicking on the share options below each article. It takes a long time to get a blog up and running, and along with my own promoting of it, I need the help of readers to promote it too, especially if they like what they read. Thanks!

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