Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quote of the Day - Twilight Craziness

In regards to the hillarious PR reality show featuring Kristen Steward and Robert Pattison, my guilty pleasure gossip hero, MK of Dlisted posted this great article. However, one of the comments is what made my day.

Submitted by SANS FARDS on Wed, 07/25/2012 - 2:03pm.
From a People commenter:
"After reading about this last night, my two teenage daughters are very upset. They are still upstairs in their bedrooms, prob. crying. I couldn't even get them to go to Cheerleading camp this morning. Last night, the youngest one, who is 15 actually started crying in the middle of the restaurant that we were having dinner in. The oldest one refuses to even say Kristen's name. They are extremely hurt and disappointed.
What am I to do?"
Kill them and make it look like a double suicide.
Wow, just bloody brilliant fantastic. See, this is what happens in the world when Hollywood concoct pretend love stories between the two leads for 4+ years, and mindless people fall for it and become suicidal by the lies created by the original lie. Part of me laughs at this, but the other part of me is irritated because it's a factory of lies all to sell a movie. This is not going to end after Twilight. From this moment on, films geared towards tweens will always pair up the male/female leads to draw in the gullible. It's sad, but true.


  1. I have to say im slightly horrified by the strength of reaction to this bit of news.... the twi hards are freakin me out LOL

    (great blog btw :))

  2. I knew the twihards were a strange bunch, but I just didn't realize how gullible they are. Most are proudly ignorant and gullible because they want these two people to be a couple in real life and in the movies. It's pretty disgusting really how the studios created all these lies, just to get people to see these stupid movies.

    Thanks, glad you like the blog!

  3. Parents should try to make their kids live in real life instead of living the lives of celebrities or even daydream about the love life of the characters of a film. I'm not a parent( and i have no intention to be one) and i guess it's not an easy task but it's necessary from time to time sit the teens down and show them a bit of real life, try to make they underestand they can have a good life and that not everything is a faire tail( as the kids think about actors/celebs' lives). Media make them think they are Batman, super heroes, vampires and it's easier to a teen think the same to scape their "boring" school days and only moms and dads can show them differently and certainly NOT ask "What am i to do?"in the comments of a blog! I'm not sure but i think this same person later asked the guy from the link you post if he was being sarcastic(about the double suicide) i just didn't want to scroll up to see if it was her, but seriously?

  4. Oh my this is really pathetic. I can't deal with these tweens sometimes, I kind of feel bad for them. Although on the inside I can't stop laughing at their strong reactions.