Monday, July 23, 2012

The Awful Truth About What Paved the Way for The Aurora Shootings

Perhaps I'm biased, but I think my blogger peers have more guts to write the truth. Please read Mark Lipsky's essay at his 'Light a Fire' blog about what he believes lead up to the theatre massacre Friday night.

Here is a snipet:
Movies are much more than mere entertainment. They’re the most powerful means we’ve got at the moment – and for the past hundred years – for stirring emotions and for communicating and defining basic cultural and even spiritual standards and practices. As a result, we as members of the filmmaking community have a deep responsibility to remain ever conscious of the awesome potential we have at our disposal for doing great good as well as the potential for breaking down the very fabric of society one ultra-violent and degenerate dramatization after another.

What occurred yesterday in my opinion was a perfect storm made from two interdependent sides of an equation critical to ones pursuit of success and fulfillment in the film business. The first is the art and skill of filmmaking focused, in the case of films like THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, almost exclusively on violence and depravity strictly for violence and depravity’s sake. The other is marketing where, in the case of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, untold resources are hysterically and relentless directed at cultivating and inciting fanboys – and fangirls – into a frenzy of obsession and anticipation. - Mark Lipsky
Preach it Mark! Read more at his blog.

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