Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Day Before The Dark Knight Rises

I just sent an email to my friend who is going to see The Dark Knight Rises (DKR) with me tomorrow evening. I told her that due the huge nerd/fanboy factor, we need to have our butts in our prime seats by 7:25, earlier if possible. I'm glad I bought our tickets in advance because I know it's going to sell out, and suckers who are not internet savvy, will line up at the movie ticket queue like it's 1997, and buy tickets, only to find that the time they want to go is sold out (trust me, this happened to me before). Just posted at twitter, @boxofficemojo confirms that DKR is all the rage at where I bought my ticket last weekend.

And speaking of DKR, I know you have heard about how some fanboys verbally attacked and threatened the life of the first critic who gave DKR a negative review, in fact, he gave it a D at (the fresh score is currently an impressive 87%). Because I am on a review embargo to prevent spoilers, I don't know what the man wrote, but specifically because it was negative, the fanboys lost their minds. And because of the outrage, RT has to cease further comments from fans until after the film opens. Rottentomatoes may now change their commenting format to prevent such abuse in the future. Thanks batshit insane Batman nerds!

So to answer Box Office Mojo's question, I predict that DKR will open around $188 million, and that's because there is no 3D version, just 2D and IMAX. I will post my review of DKR on Saturday!

Over at the Awards Daily forums, I created a tiff thread so that readers there can post info about the film festival and share their film schedules. Some of us may even be inclined to make rendezvous plans to meet up in Toronto.

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