Monday, July 23, 2012

Two Yoga Mats & One Boat Trip

Sometimes I look back at my week and wonder how I got so much accomplished, but apparently, I'm a guru at multi-tasking. To lighten the mood, I just want to share a quick story about a fun thing that happened on twitter recently.

About two weeks ago, I made a post about not being able to attend my Bikram yoga class, but instead, I would work out on my Jillian Michael's DVD 'Yoga Meltdown' at home instead. A little bit later, I get a reply tweet from General Electric (GE) saying how cool I was at being so committed to my health. Then they followed me and asked me to follow them so that they could send me a DM (direct message). I followed them and they sent me a DM saying that they were impressed with my health activity and they wanted to see if I could give them my address so they could send me a gift. Well, this was GE and they had that blue arrow thingy which signifies that they are legit. So I gave them my address. I was thinking that they would send me a coupon, or even cooler, an exercise DVD. Well low and behold, on Friday, coming home feeling a little depressed, I see a big and tall box waiting for me by my mail box. It was delivered via Fed Ex and came from New York. I was thinking, 'What? Who sent me this?', then I remembered GE! So I ran up to my apartment, grabbed my box cutter and opened that bad boy in record time. And looky here:
Thanks GE!
Ain't that nice? I got two fancy thick 'Eco Friendly' yoga mats! The Yoga Lords answered my subliminal prayers because I oh so desperately needed a new yoga mat! And I have a person in mind already whom to give the second mat to. This is just awesome and I wanted to share this with the readers to let them know that cool thinks lurk on twitter! They asked me to take a look at their website and I'll do that and also wanted to let you know too!

And on Saturday, I drove over to Mt. Clemens to hang out with my Pearl Jam fan buddies to help celebrate the birthday of my dear friend Jim. His wife surprised him with a birthday party outing on the Clinton River on a nice boat tour on the Captain Paul II with the Clinton River Cruises company, which lasted for 3 hours. It took us up the river and into Lake St. Clair!!! This was such an awesome adventure of a free bar (I only had two drinks), great light food, excellent birthday cake, Pearl Jam music, and friends. And I wound up being the non-official Official photographer because I was the only one who had a "real" camera, everyone else bought their iPhone or androids.

What I want to emphasize is this trip helped remind me how beautiful the state of Michigan is. Lake St. Clair is the smallest of the five fresh water lakes that surround Michigan, but it's still like an ocean when you are out on it. I've been inspired to buy a boat now... one day. Here are just a few images from the boat ride, and the sunset was just lovely.

Side boat view, just taking off up the Clinton River

We are approaching lake St. Clair

A cool boat passed us. I like that size, perfect!

My bro Jim in the middle with all his kids.

A Michigan sunset on Lake St. Clair.


  1. What a nice post this is. I love it when unexpected things happens. We live in a world were we are suprised if someone keeps the door open for you, so getting free yoga mats is beyond our expectations. (An Eddie Vedder song pops up in my mind: Society)
    I want to go on holiday when I saw your boattrip pics...beautiful. And being a owner of a small boat (for Americans: a really small boat) I can assure you that it worth spending your money on it!

    btw: the second yoga mat for Michael? ;D

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed this post Hupsakeek, it was nice writing it in light of the past couple of days. I have always loved the water, even though I'm not a strong swimmer, I used to be. I have been inspired to buy a baby boat, but it's some time off into the future.

    The second yoga mat, I'm going to ask a friend if she needs a new one, if not... hey, dedicating it to Michael isn't a bad idea. ;-)

  3. How freaking nice of them! Restored my faith in humanity just a bit there ;). Looks like you had a great time, I need to try and explore the beauty of my state.

  4. Wow-- What a gorgeous surprise! Two rewards for being you, A great boat ride with friends and a yoga mat too...Simone you rule, sister! :)