Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Video Game to Film Adaptations & Comic Con 2012

In light of the news about my favorite actor, Michael Fassbender, and his production company, DMC, climbing on board to make a feature film from fan favorite video game, 'Assassin's Creed', people are wondering if this video game-to-film will fail to impress audiences like so many of its predecessors. Well, MTV wrote an interesting article (a rare achievement) yesterday praising Fassbender's thespian caliber in bringing to life the video game's protagonist, Desmond Miles, and also highlighted the fact that the designer of the game, Ubisoft, will make the film... and not an out of touch Hollywood studio.

I'm not a gamer, haven't been once since the 1980s when I was a kid, so you would think that I'm the last person to be interested in video game film adaptations. But you're wrong, I really enjoy some of those movies, like, Silent Hill, Hitman, Boom, and my all-time favorite, the Resident Evil franchise. And that's mostly due to my enjoying the heroine factor played by Mila Jovovich. So I am very interested in seeing what comes of Assassin's Creed because I know Fassbender's talent, and he's a smart man, so he'll be going into this wanting it to be as best a representation of the actual video game. I also reckon that a lot of people are like me in  that they could care less about playing video games, but appreciate the creative plots of the games and are receptive to seeing them on the screen. I'm optimistic about Assassin's Creed being a very good film.

Comic Con 2012 in San Diego will be starting tomorrow, July 12th, and it's an event that I tend to just be happy living vicariously through the people who actually attend. Back in the day, a decade ago or so, Comic Con was really for the FANS to go there and be a part of a geek/fanboy-girl convention of like minds wholly infatuated with all things related to the genre of comics. But then Hollywood studios saw it as an opportunity to introduce in very special previews to a very select crowd, future comic themed films and TV productions. Toss in some cool A and B list stars on the panel and for autograph sessions, and you have a new community that you have a unique opportunity to wine and dine and gauge their interests for future marketing schemes. In summation, it's a zoo at CC, and every year it gets crazier and crazier because the fanatic fan attendance grows larger and larger. And this is because the newest fans, started to attend just in the past couple of years due to the higher profile of CC because of certain film franchise's fanbase. And as per the sad news of the car accident death of a Twilight fan yesterday, who has been waiting in line, outside of the San Diego Convention Center (SDCC) since Sunday, to get a good seat at the Twilight panel four days later, this just demonstrates how devoted some of these fans are. To suspend life for many days to sit in line, days before the actual convention begins. Sigh. Life is too short for such crazed devotion, but that is par for the course in the mindset of many CC attendees. I have been to the SDCC for an exhibit myself, and the place is gigantic, but I think I would be too overwhelmed to attend for Comic Con, let alone be able to afford it. San Diego ain't cheap. Anway, I look forward to reporting about what's happening at CC the rest of this week.

Edited to Add:
San Diego Comic-Con, running from July 12-15, is considered the biggest event on the sci-fi, fantasy and comic book lovers' calendar, regularly drawing 250,000 attendees to the four-day event. A seat inside the Convention Center's Hall H, where Hollywood studios often fly in A-list actors to unveil footage of upcoming movies for the 6,000 fans that can cram inside, is especially coveted. From: NY Daily News

Movie Reviews

I had a mini Jason Statham marathon this weekend. Most of his films are corny but fun to watch, and these other two films continue in that vein.

Blitz (2011) is about a homicidal cop killer played by an excellent scene stealing Aiden Gillen, who kills cops in London in a most brutal and bold fashion, as if it were a hobby. Jason Statham is in his comfort zone of playing a smart ass, do things my way rogue cop. And Paddy Considine is a seemingly straight laced lieutenant from the posh West London police station, doing time in Southern London to help catch the lunatic cop killer. Because I love British crime drama, this is an entertaining film to kill some time and watch Jason in action. 7.5/10.

Killer Elite (2011) is another Jason Statham film which co-stars Clive Owen and Robert DeNiro. It takes place in the 1980s about a special secret British Ops group where a peer is kidnapped and held hostage by a Shiek to avenge the assassination of his sons. Jason has to kill the men responsible for the men's deaths and then his friend will be released. This is based on a true story and this espionage film shows you just how corrupt and backstabbish all governments are in the pursuit of their share of oil from the Middle East. It's pretty good - 8/10.


  1. I have an internet friend that's crazy about Jason Statham and bc of her i started to watch his films, and i found out i really enjoy them. I liked Blitz a lot but not so much Killer Elite, maybe bc of De Niro(wasting his talent in an action film and also in those comedies he worked).

  2. Oh yes, Jason is serious eye candy and a decent actor. I love all his action scenes, he's so athletic. A sexy brute.

    Other people have said stuff similar about DeNiro, I think he's just in his twilight years and enjoys working, so he takes on these roles that people are surprised to see him in.

  3. I agree about DeNiro, it breaks my heart to see him doing crap films. I call it "when crap films happen to great actors syndrome". I hope he give a couple more great performances in the near future, I hate to see him like he is now. lol But like you said Simone, he's probably just enjoying working.

  4. I long to read your comments about what will happen at the Comic Con! And I'm very confident about Assassin's Creed. Do you think it will be shot in 2013?

  5. I think AC could start filming in 2013, or the very end of this year depending on financing and getting a script/director.