Friday, August 31, 2012

My Official TIFF 2012 Film Schedule [Updated]

We were locked out of opening night films, and we couldn't get tickets to Seven Psychopaths (who knew that this film would be so hot?), but I'm slated to view 16 interesting films and I'm so excited. However, I'm going to try in complete vain on Single Ticket Day this Sunday to "try" to buy one ticket to Psychopaths. Maybe I'm jixing myself, I know I will utterly fail,... but, I can at least give it a try, right?

Updated to add the 17th film, Tabu, which will be seen on opening night.

Here is my official tiff 2012 film schedule:

Thursday, Sept 6
Tabu   Bell Lightbox  6:15

Friday, Sept 7
Rust & Bone Ryerson 12pm
The Gatekeepers Bloor 3pm
The Master Princess of Wales 9pm

Saturday, Sept 8
Argo Elgin 11am
Cloud Atlas Princess of Wales 6pm
End of Watch Princess of Wales 9:45

Sunday, Sept 9
Pusher Yonge 12pm
Sessions Elgin 2:30pm
Byzantium Ryerson 9pm

Monday, Sept 10
At Any Price Bell Lightbox 12pm
The Impossible Princess of Wales 3pm
London - Mod Babylon Scotiabank 7pm

Tuesday, Sept 11
The Iceman Ryerson 12pm
Time Being Winter Garden 4:30pm
Passion Winter Garden 8pm

Wed, Sept 12 - Last Day
Great Expectations Elgin 11am


  1. I'm travelling for a few months and cannot stay on the net as much i'm used to, so in case i can't talk to you at the end of the week i hope you enjoy your TIFF days and all the films ;-) After all this will be one of the most important years for you bc of this blog!

  2. Thank you Marcia, I know I will enjoy tiff. Need to get away from town for a bit. You have a safe travel adventure as well!