Friday, August 17, 2012

My TIFF 2012 Film List!

 On Tuesday, Aug. 21st, tiff will release the film programme schedule, and I must be able to review it and make my decision in a matter of hours, so that my friend Glenn can submit the request asap that same day. So I just took about an hour to review the entire film list and I read the brief synopsis of each film. Of the over 200 films that will be shown at tiff this year, my list of initial interest has been narrowed down to 53 films. Please note that in reality, due to time constraints, overlapping of films, and enjoying many other aspects of the festival, I may be able to only view at the most, possibly 15 of the 53. So without further adieu, here is my list of films that interest me. The ones in bold are the films I REALLY want to see, and the 'MM' notation marks the film as a Midnight Madness feature which are horror films initially screened at midnight during the festival. I may break my 'no-midnight' screenings rule for the first time this year with Seven Psychopaths. I will also list a key star's name as the main motivator in wanting to see a particular film. Also, this year, I'm making a more concerted effort to see documentaries, short films, and special presentation films that push the envelope in film making style, and sensitive/controversial subject matters.

To read the synopsis of each of these films, go to this link at the tiff website:

Aftershock - MM
All that matters is the past
Ann Karenina
The Attack
Bad 25
Beijing Flickers
The Bay - MM
Berberian Sound Studio
Byzantium * Vampires
Caught in the web
The Central Park Five
Cloud Atlas *
The Company You Keep
Crimes of Mike Recket
Dead Europe
The Deep
Do Not Disturb
Dredd 3D
The End of Time
End of Watch
Everybody Has a Plan - * Viggo!
Fin (The End)
Free Angela & All Political Prisoners
Frost - a short film
The Gatekeepers
Great Expectations
Here Comes the Devil
The Hunt
The Iceman *
The Impossible
In the Name of Love
John Dies at the End - MM
London - The Modern Babylon *
The Lords of Salem - MM
The Master **
No One Lives - MM
On the Road
Passion ** Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace
The Place Beyond the Pine - * Ryan Gosling (duh)
Pusher **
A Royal Affair *
The Session * John Hawkes
Seven Psychopaths ** - MM Colin Farrell
The Time Being

So as you can see, the bolded movies count is at 16, so if I see just those films, that is perfectly fine, but I may not be able to see some of these films due to scheduling conflicts, and that's where the other odd 40 films come into play. That's how I roll at tiff. My friend Glenn and I will kick-off TIFF 2012 with cocktails at the Ritz in the late afternoon of Thursday, Sept 6th and I'm sure we'll see a film together that Thursday evening. I'm going to try to see Seven Psychopaths on the midnight of its showing just to experience a midnight screening. I'm going to cut back on some Galas as the saga of dealing with Roy Thomson Hall has not been as fun as in the past, but we'll see. Their 'Entertainment Tonight' red-carpet type set up is obnoxious and it breeds the development of what I refer to as 'no life having red-carpet camp out' people. They tend to be people who either don't have the money to buy a ticket or the interest in seeing the film that will play at RTH. They are just there for the red-carpet event, to star gaze, get autographs and pictures. They park themselves along the red-carpet barricades, That's all they do. Whatever, I'm glad I have a life.


  1. wow, I feel a bit jealous! I can't wait to see The Iceman. I'm an admirer of M. Shannon's work.

  2. I'm very interested in The Iceman because i saw a documentary on the real guy many years ago. He was a cold sociopath, and lived up to his name. He had no soul, just a wicked man who did the dirty work for mob guys. I can't wait to see this movie esp because of Michael Shannon. :-)

  3. Well I'm jealous. 'Cloud Atlas' was at the top of my list until I learned that Paul Thomas-Anderson directed 'The Master'! After seeing what he did with 'There Will Be Blood', I am a huge fan. Of course it doesn't hurt that TWBB starred Daniel Day-Lewis who could read the phone book and make it an Ocar worthy reading. ;) I hope your choices don't disappoint.