Monday, August 13, 2012

Out With the Old, In With the New

I have been terribly busy with my graduate summer class as it concludes this week. Well, it will conclude just as soon as I finish the final exam that I have to write up; it's another long essay paper. This class has been very good, but very stressful and a little overwhelming. The professor did warn us that the 7.5 weeks was a compilation of the regular 15 week course, and he did not lie. I can't wait til I turn in this paper, which I'm shooting for Wednesday, a day before the deadline.

Due to my busy class schedule, I have been light in discussing my tiff plans. I will go into greater tiffing detail later this week when I have more time to devote to reviewing the film schedule. My tiff partner Glenn will need me to decide quickly on which films I want to see so he can turn in his film request in Aug. 21st. As he is a patron member, he gets first dibs, well, immediately after the patron members who are at higher levels than he is. But it's all good, I cannot stress how bless I am to be his tiff buddy. I got some nice presents in store for him for his hospitality!

I dumped my tumblr account today. No need to go into details other than that I realize that in the year that I had been there, I suffered more headaches that I receive good fortunes from there. And due to tumblr not caring to respond to user concerns about misuse and abuse of their services for wicked deeds, I reckon I just take my business elsewhere.

Lastly, on my way into work this morning, as I was walking along Observatory Drive, I pass by an apartment building near U of M campus. The landlord had discarded stuff from tenant's apartments, as all landlords are cleaning up the apartments in preparation to the mass move-in in just a couple of weeks. I saw a multi-colored thing that caught my eye, so I went towards the mini-dump site and I found this lovely tri-colored multi-tiered candle holder. MINE! I showed it off at work to other people's envy, came home, washed it, and I lit the candles inside. Gorgeous! It is on the stand right next to my entrance way. One person's garbage is another person's treasure. And I have a supreme fondness for candles.


  1. I want to see 'cloud Atlas', 'The Master', and a couple other films.

    If I remember correctly that's the second time you've mentioned getting a steal from someone who dumped a treasure. The other being Michael's GQ Cover. ;)

  2. To be exact, it was The Hollywood Reporter cover feature I saved from the recycle bin. I still can't believe my luck in snagging that as THR is not on sale anywhere nearby.

  3. Oh yes it was THR, I've been on the lookout since you posted that but to no avail. lol