Sunday, September 16, 2012

Billboard Top Ten Chart Flashback 1983

In the Fall TV Double issue of Entertainment Weekly (Sept 14/21), I was skimming through the magazine with great boredom. I don't watch TV, so 95% of the network shows do not impress me at all. There are some cable series that I wish I could watch regularly, like Dexter, The Walking Dead, and Downton Abbey, but other than that, I have no use for TV.

However, what has piqued my interest is the chart flashback 1983 section on page 141 that brought back fond memories. That year, I was 16 and remember loving the music scene back then like it was my oxygen. Duran Duran was my favorite band and Simon LeBon was going to be my future husband. Every song on the top ten list for during this week, 29 years ago, was my 'favorite' song.

1. Michael Sembello    'Maniac'
2. Eurythmics    'Sweet Dreams'
3. Men Without Hats    'The Safety Dance'
4. Taco    'Puttin' On the Ritz'
5. Billy Joel    'Tell Her About It'
6. The Police    'Every Breath You Take'
7. Donna Summer    'She Works Hard for the Money'
8. Bonnie Tyler    'Total Eclipse of the Heart'
9. Michael Jackson    'Human Nature'
10. Culture Club    'I'll Tumble 4 Ya'

MTV was my crack back then - it drilled a lot of cheesy music into my head like a brainwashing mantra, but it was FUN! But today, the top ten billboard list and MTV is like kryptonite to me because neither appeal to me and are a complete waste of my time.

Those were the good days.


  1. The first band that changed my life forever was Nirvana, but it was a little later, at the beginning of the 90s. Kurt Cobain was going to be my future husband, LOL. Among the ten of your list, I liked The Police in the 80s but I didn't know the other ones very well...(except Jackson, of course, but I never listened to his music)

  2. Oh I'm a 90s music fan as well. In fact, the 80s and the 90s are my favorite music decade. I did like Nirvana very much, but their 'media' rival band, Pearl Jam, resonated with me more, and to this very day, I'm still a hardcore devoted fan.