Friday, September 7, 2012

TIFF Day 1: Toronto and Tabu

The Elgin Theater on Yonge Street

Near Roy Thomson Hall
I made it to Toronto around 10:30am and although I was tired, I was rejuvenated as soon as I arrived to the house of my host, and saw all my tickets to my films. I will post pictures later on, but to start off, the first day of Tiff was nice. The opening day is always a bit more relaxed than the following four days which tend to be the busiest days.

My first film was Tabu at the Bell Lightbox last night and I thought it was a nice movie. It was filmed in black and white and it had two parts. The first part covered the final year of an old eccentric woman who mourned the lost of a man she loved over a taboo mistake she made 60 years prior. The second part of the film focused on the past and it was a silent film. The director, I believe, did this because the story of the past was being recalled by Aurora's lover, Gian Carlo, and it was innovative in that the dialogue between the people in the past was 'silent', and Gian Carlo's current narrative voice did the talking and recollection of the events, instead of having the characters in the past do all the talking. It was quite effective. The entire move in black and white, but the first portion was based in 2011 and was not silent, and the second part was 50-60 years in the past, and in silent - but you hear the surroundings of their environment, just not their voices. Pretty cool.

If I wasn't so cold in the theater, and dead tired, we would have stayed for the director's Q&A, but we left as the credits rolled.

Do see Tabu, it's a very interesting film.

Score: 8/10

I am scheduled to see Rust and Bone at noon, The Gatekeepers at 3 and The Master at 9. A very thrilling day. I will take more pictures and upload them and review the films if not this evening, but first thing Saturday morning.

I'm going to meet a person from Awards Daily today at the Rust and Bone screening.

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