Thursday, October 18, 2012

Real October Madness!

As I have warned you previously, studies for class would leave me little time to update the blog, as this past week can attest. Since the last post, I was able to buy a Sony Blu-ray player along with the Prometheus DVD and The Avengers... but I haven't even been able to unpack the box, plug it in, and watch either DVD. That's just sad. I think I may be able to do it soon, but I have more readings to stay on top of as well as starting work on a journal article review. However, there are a few things I want to share with you.

Joaquin Phoenix in The Master @ State Theater
 This weekend, I very much look forward to seeing The Master again with my friend Laurie. Now I know I gave it a lukewarm review when I saw it at TIFF last month. But, I held out hope that upon a second viewing, I would embrace it's meant-to-be great potential. So it's going to play at the State theater starting Friday. I wanted to go that evening, but Laurie's going to a concert, and we wanted to go on Saturday, but there's that crazy rival home football game between Michigan and Michigan State. Joy! (Go Blue!) With a 3:30pm start time, you can't pay me to be anywhere near campus or downtown. However, just for shits and giggles, if Laurie did the driving, I'll go. Her son goes to Michigan State, so I think he'll be in town for the game. Otherwise, we'll just see it on Sunday, which may be better anyway because I'll get the bulk of my readings done tonight, Friday, and on Saturday. I'll post a re-review of The Master next week.

Although the 4th game between the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees was rained out at Comerica Park, it looks like the weather will be cleared tonight so that the Tigers can sweep this series and clinch the American League Championship title, and then go on to their 11th World Series. So if the Tigers win tonight, the Detroit area is going to be partying hard. If not... dammit, they'll go back to New York. But I think they'll do the right thing and seal this bad boy tonight. Good luck boys!

I'm Running Again!

I have a new health goal target, and that is to start running again so that I can compete in the Tortoise and Hare 5K race next spring. I ran the race back in 2005, and when I was much younger, I use to run all the time, all over the place. I was insane... I should have gone into track and running. Although I have a strong cardio regimen, and I do the Bikram yoga weekly, and I walk daily... there's nothing like getting in shape like running. So, I started that last night with a walk/run, and I wound up running for longer than I anticipated, which is very good, and gives me great hope that I can run a steady two miles within a month without stopping. My goal is to run 10 miles a week by running 2 miles over 5 days. I can do it,... but winter's coming and I'll need to find an inside track... I'm sure EMU has one. Anyway, the next thing I need to do is invest in proper running shoes. I have some New Balance, but, they are not the most ideal for my running practice, I need to go to a sports shop and drop some dough on good running shoes. Looks like I'll be taking advantage of the 10% off coupon for shoes at Tortoise and Hare.

To Be or Not Be for Continued "Change"?

We have just a couple more weeks before the Presidential Election and I'm still firmly in the corner of 'I don't like either candidate'. What I find so distressing is that in my country, if you are indifferent to President Obama, you are hated, mocked, not considered human, a fool, a conservative (the nerve), or a racist (how fucking dare you!). And if you aren't voting for Romney, you want government to run your life, get free handouts, support Obamacare, and don't want to see the economy or unemployment stats improve. In this election, what has turned me off the most is to see how mean and irrational many democrats have become. I used to be a Democrat, but I'm a Green Party supporter now and have been since 2000, but my roots are with the Democratic Party. But I don't identify with them anymore, they have let me down... they are no different, in many ways, than the Republicans. Now more than ever, we need a strong third party... people like me, disenfranchised, and disillusioned with the primary two political parties, NEED another party to vote for that has a real chance of winning. But until people who ID themselves as either Democrat or Republican stop hating and blaming each other for the country's woes, and vote for a different party that represents true change, we ain't gonna change, there's no hope, it's going to be the same old same old regardless if you like elephants or donkeys! And you know I'm writing the truth! I'm not voting for either Obama or Romney, and I feel good about that. But, I have to continue to deal with insane tweets from people I follow who slam Romney for his ideologies, while turning a blind eye to some shady shit Obama's administration has done, and failed not to do. Can our country handle four more years of the same, or is it ready for four new uncertain years of something "different"? It's sad and it's disgusting seeing the heighten hate between the two parties and their supporters, but, it's only a few more weeks. :/

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