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Film Review: James Bond 'Skyfall' (10/10) is Oscar Worthy!

Skyfall is the best James Bond film!
Only since Daniel Craig has been James Bond, I have gone to the theater to watch a theatrical run of a James Bond movie. Partially because the producers have used Craig to be a more rugged, pissed off, arrogant, smart, cynical, rough and tough, but a little sensitive, James Bond. I have seen Casino Royale, Quantam of Solace, and now Skyfall, all on the first day of release, and loved all of them. But by far, Skyfall stands out from the other two as a perfectly executed, action packed, well acted film, as if MI6 actually made the film themselves!

In Skyfall, we have James Bond suffer from an accident that leaves many to think he's dead. But of course he doesn't die, but he is wounded emotionally, mentally, and physically from all his years as a trusted and reliable Double-O. After a year, more or less, off the grind, and drinking himself into oblivion, he finds out that MI6 is under attack by a ruthless and determined terrorist who seems to know MI6 intimately. Bond re-inserts himself back into MI6 via M, coolly played by the wonderful Dame Judi Dench. We then start to see the undertones of the relationship between Bond and M. They both give off pretenses that they can just tolerate each other...but there is a love and respect, similar to a mother and son, since Bond was an orphan, and M never had children, they are a great match for a small dysfunctional family unit.
Javier Bardem as Silva should be nominated for an Oscar
However, the greatest thing about Skyfall is the villain, played by Oscar winner Javier Bardem. I'm afraid that Javier has now cemented himself into cinema history to always be associated in this role, as Silva, because of his sheer excellence. As an otherwise sexy and handsome dark Spaniard, Bardem looks almost like an Albino in Skyfall with his deliberately poorly done bleach blond hair and bleached eyebrows. Silva comes onto the scene in Skyfall in the middle of the film, and immediately tries to steal it. His mere introduction into a room where Bond is strapped to a chair, and as Silva exits an elevator and slowly walks towards Bond while talking about cannibal rats, was pure magnificence! A spellbinding moment that leads to a thoroughly entertaining homoerotic scene that brought out the giggles in the audience. It was a well done scene!
Mandatory Craig man-flesh scene in Skyfall
There was never a dull moment in Skyfall. It was completely action packed. And because M was the target of Silva, there was a tickle of curiosity as to why M was being harassed. As we come to learn, Silva was a Double-O once before, betrayed by M, for country and security, and he barely survived his torture... barely is the key word. And he wants to make her suffer like he did. In the ultimate gun fight that MI6 and M escape, the only way Bond can save M is to take her faraway to a safe place, and leave breadcrumbs as to where he and M can be found by Silva only. They put up a great fight at Skyfall, his ancestral residence in the highlands of Scotland... beautiful, but cold and desolate. How will they get out of this? Only one rat can survive.
Daniel Craig deserves an Oscar nomination!
This is the best James Bond film I have ever seen. Several great actors are guaranteed to show up in future Bond films like Ralph Fiennes, Naomi Harris, and Ben Whishaw as baby Q. There are laughs at the appropriate moments, and gasps at the right time, and sadness all around. As a Oscar freak, I highly expect Skyfall to be nominated for some editing, sound, cinematography awards, but most importantly, I think it's time for Daniel Craig to be nominated for Best Actor. Just fucking give him the nomination, I'm not saying he can win with the other Daniel (Day-Lewis) hamming it up for Lincoln, or Joaquin Phoenix for The Master, but Daniel Craig deserves this nomination because he's an outstanding actor and he has been working 30 years up to this point and has revitalized the James Bond franchise like no other Bond actor has done. And dare I say that Javier Bardem is nominated for Best Supporting Actor and actually wins his second Oscar for playing another crazy villain? He would deserve it too. As I publish this review, worldwide, after only 12 days, and one day of release here in the US, Skyfall is approaching the $500 million mark. This film could be the first Bond movie to break the $1 billion mark at the box office. I'm not kidding!

I have to see Skyfall again, and you should see it too! I don't toss out perfect 10 scores left and right, so when I score a film a 10, it was perfect in every way to me!

Score: 10/10

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  1. Yeah, I agree for Bardem as best supportive actor...except if Michael is nominated in this category for David 8! I loved Skyfall but the last part (in Scotland) was less convincing, in my opinion. And I like Craig but he's not among my favourite actors.