Monday, December 31, 2012

A delightful time in wintery Toronto

I spent the weekend with friends in Toronto for the first time during winter, and the results are: Toronto winters are the same as in Ann Arbor. I just traded one wintery mess for another, but in this case, I just had more fun things to do with a friend.

Here are some pictures from my weekend -

 I haven't eaten so good, meal after meal like this in so long. Byzantium on Friday night, Le Societe and the AGO on Saturday, and this brunch on Sunday morning at The Windsor Arms Hotel.

Hot chocolate at Soma in the Distillery district, very spicey, hit the spot after all the walking around the city.

 Daniel Craig's 'Casino Royale' swim trunks. I never thought I'd be so close to them.

 I took a few pictures on the inside of the X-Men exhibit when I was told I could not take any. Ooops.
 I answered this question via twitter at the AGO and my tweet posted up on their twitter feed board in the Contemporary Art section.

 Great exhibit, but very, very strange.
 A high view from a cozy cubby hole at the Art Gallery of Ontario.
 No pictures allowed, this is my only proof of a wonderful exhibit.
 They got a lot of snow in Toronto and it was cold. I discovered that my boots aren't waterproof from the road slush.
I'm going to have to treat my friend Glenn to this restaurant at Holt Renfrew when I visit in September. He's a great friend, great dining partner, and has walking stamina just like me.


  1. Looks great. This is what I called "treat yourself". A good way to end 2012.

  2. It was so much fun! We really packed in a lot of activities in nearly 48 hours. :-)