Monday, January 14, 2013

Ben Affleck wins big at Golden Globes & are the Oscars still credible?

As much as I enjoy many of the award ceremonies, I don't like watching them so much in the past few years. It's usually due to the ridiculous nature of having such a strongly supported pre-determined winner that he or she is constantly winning in their category and it kills any element of surprise on the 'big night', ie., Oscar. It's boring when one person wins award after award leading up to the Oscars. And oftentimes, the person who is winning all the awards is a performance I tend to be less enthused about, and so far, the same is going for this year. However, after the Oscar nominations last Thursday, and with the disappointing snub towards Ben Affleck for his directing of Argo (btw, he also had a LEAD role in the film too so he was pulling double duty!), I'm glad to see that Ben has won his second award in two days and this time from the Golden Globes as Best Director, and Argo won Best Film!

Because I have been watching film award presentations for so many years, I do realize that as far as the industry goes, the Oscar award is THE top prize and winning that is the final testament of the recognition of supreme achievement in acting in a film, producing a film, editing the film, and directing the film, etc. To not have Ben Affleck nominated for Best Director in the Oscars this year must demonstrate now that the Oscars have a terribly flawed nomination process and in the end, the industry should start to realize that the Oscars are not the end all and be all of Hollywood's top achievement gold standard.

It's my hopes that if Ben goes on to win the Director's Guild Award on February 2nd, and if he does, this will be the first time in modern Hollywood history that an award season's most winning-est director will not have been nominated for an Oscar. So will Hollywood finally come to realize that there are other voting bodies of similar prestige and credibility that has a better gauge of the industry than the Oscars? I hope so because each year it is becoming more and more clear to me that the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences are out of touch with performances, and artistic direction/creation, and has lost some of its relevance, validity, luster, and credibility quite a while ago. I thought last year's snub of a great actor took the cake, but this year, for such a well-known mainstream young actor/director to be snubbed for a critically acclaimed film, is a travesty.

Ben Affleck and his wife Jennifer Garner
So congratulations to Ben Affleck and Argo for winning at the Golden Globes last night, and best of luck in winning more awards this season!
Images: Daily Mail UK

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