Monday, February 25, 2013

AMPAS is so proud of itself!

Just look at this lovely image. The handsome older gentlemen have won their third and second Oscar's respectively, Daniel Day-Lewis and Christoph Waltz. And the two sexy young ladies have won their first Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway. This is the winners picture that AMPAS members dream of each year! Hot, sexy, well-known, and PoPuLar! Yeah!!!!!



Gorgeous in Gold - to match her Oscar. How perfect!
Especially when you look at how hot Jennifer Lawrence looked at the Vanity Fair Oscar party afterwards...surely Emmanuelle Riva or lil' Q Wallis could never be as appealing as both are either too old and foreign, or too much of a minor child to attend the VF party and show off that Oscar gold!
I'm very happy for Ang Lee winning his second Best Director Oscar for Life of Pi.

And congratulations to Ben Affleck for winning Best Picture for Argo!

As per the comments on Awards Daily and my Twitter feed last night, I am soooo glad I spared my eyeballs and eardrums from that hot mess of a show that was trying to be the Tonys and Grammys combined.

This circus event closes down the 2012 year in film! Whew!

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