Friday, March 8, 2013

In the market for a new camera!

In preparation for my European vacation at the end of May, I desperately need a new camera. I do have a nice Fujifilm camera that I bought from a friend about two years ago, and I took it to Ireland with me last year and I was very pleased with my pictures. However, as I came to realize, when it came time to print out my pictures, I was restricted to sizes 5x7 and smaller before the pixelation of the images degrade in trying to get larger prints. Ideally, I want select images to be able to be printed in 8x10 or 9x12 format for framing purposes for personal use and gift giving. Having such beautiful images in Ireland limited to 5x7 is almost criminal, so that's when I made the decision that for my next trip, I needed a new camera with higher megapixels.

While I consider myself lucky to even plan a vacation to such locales like London (which I have visited 8 times), and Paris (my first trip), when most people can only dream of going there, I do want to use my talent for photography and use the right equipment. I'm not a novice photographer, but I'm not a professional either. So I know that it's silly to travel all the way to Paris and take a picture of the Effifel Tower with ONLY a 5MP. I mean really Simone?

And because I'm on a budget, I surely can't buy the Canon EOS Rebel T4i that I really want that costs over $700 - however, there are "point and shoot" cameras that many people use for their compact nature on fancy holidays, but still high quality in photo taking. After careful review of the current Canon line (I prefer Canon, my first real Camera was a Canon T50 35mm back in 1986 - and I still have it - will never sell it!), and viewing the Powershots that are coming out later this month and in April, I have selected the Canon Powershot A1400!


Optical viewfinder - old school way of putting camera up to your eye to see your shot and click. I don't want to always use the LCD panel. I'm totally old school. When you can look through the viewfinder, the image will not suffer from shaky hands and distortions - typical of cameras when you have to rely on the LCD screen.

AA batteries - this is convenient for foreign travel as you can buy AA batteries anywhere. Most compact digital cameras need to be recharged via an electrical outlet. I just don't want to bother with that.

16 megapixels - see above.

5x optical zoom - great for close ups and details.

**Monochrome mode: this is the big selling point for me as I can take pictures in Black & white, Sepia, or blue. A fantastic effect for a photographer.

One push button for video

Just brilliant and only $109 at amazon. I'm going to buy this! There aren't any consumer reviews up for it yet because it's that new. But based on the specs on this camera, and the purpose I need it for - lightweight, compact, but powerful, and affordable, this is what I need for now. When I get extra money, or a new job, that's when I'll get my dream camera (see above).

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