Thursday, May 9, 2013

A New Bookstore in Downtown Ann Arbor

I read about a new bookstore coming to Ann Arbor a few months ago, and as I left the bank on the way back to the office this afternoon, I noticed it was open for business. It is called Literati Bookstore (124 E Washington St.) and it's a beautiful store front that has a museum gift shop vibe to it. It is quiet (no music, no coffee barista), and you don't see people sitting around making it their personal library or office while hogging valuable sitting space and surfing the net. As per their pretty bookmarks located at the checkout counter, it describes the new bookstore - 'Literati, 1. Well-educated people who are interested in literature. 2. Ann Arborites.' I like that!

It is a bi-level store that has the name of the section of each shelving unit written in chalk at the top, in a very nice handwritten form. They have a nice children's section too. But downstairs is very nice, and a bit darker than upstairs because of the lack of windows. And there is where I found my favorite section regarding health and body. I found a book by Kimberly Snyder 'The Beauty Detox Solution', and it was $16.99. Now this is the moment when these independent bookstores lose a sale. Someone can easily look up the book at or worse, go to walmart, and pay $5-$8 less than at this book store. Me being on a budget, but also mindful of the power of my dollars... I chose to purchase the book at Literati, and I'm glad I did. I got a great book that is going to help me 'eat my way to radiant skin, renewed energy and the body I want to get back'. So when you can, please support your local businesses.

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