Friday, May 24, 2013

My Super Amazingly Craptastic Stressful Week!

After a lovely weekend, this week started off very wrong. I have been stressed out in ways that I never anticipated, a week before my much needed vacation. On Monday, an unfortunate power tripping incident happened at work that cause me great distress. It made me realize that I need to haul ass and move on as soon as possible. I have been trying hard to look for a new job, but with the timing of my vacation, I have planned to just hang in there so that I can take my vacation (which I don't get paid for as a lowly and worthless temp). That way, I will get this time off, and then start looking with a fresh perspective on life. Now that some stupid shit went down on Monday, which I won't go in to, but let's just say that I covered my ass and defended myself. However, through this saga, I learned clearly who I can't trust, and who doesn't really have my back. I'm hopeful after my vacation things will work fast in moving on from my current situation. I'm so fucking tired of being used by this department.

Of course later that day, we learn of the horrible EF-4 Tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. The pictures from that devastated area was just heart wrenching. Is is absolutely amazing to see how high winds that form on a moments notice can kill so many people and animals and destroy homes and buildings, and lives.

To Terrorists!
As a decent human being, I naturally feel empathy and compassion for those suffering, so you can imagine how absolutely horrified I was with the murder of that soldier, in broadfuckingdaylight, in the Woolwich section of London on Wednesday. It was as if I was watching a horror movie being filmed, but it was a real life situation and pretty much confirmed for me that the human race is totally fucked, and as a global society, we will see more horrors placed upon innocent people by evil, worthless, vile assholes in the name of a religion. In this case, yet again, it is Muslim extremists (ie. insane "Muslims" who in actuality, aren't really Muslims because real Muslims aren't insane and evil), but there is some element with that religion that is twisted and distorted to the point that makes feeble-minded, heartless crazy people more crazy and evil. And that's tragic. Radicals of any religion can hijack said religion, over and over again, and eventually make the name of that religion nearly synonymous with terrorism, and that's extremely unfortunate for non-believers and the true and good believers of Islam. Where do we go from here? Well, these Muslim extremists will see how famous the Boston bombers have become, and now the Woolwich murderers have become; and in both situations, they were caught on video and film. They are not even suspects, they are straight up automatically guilty because of the physical and visual proof. What concerns me is that there was so much hubris on display and that's very worrisome because it just ups the ante and it makes me wonder what's in store for June and July. A momentum is building and I wonder when are our governments, both America and Great Britain, going to become more vigilant against these assholes because the perpetrators in both Boston and Woolwich where on the FBI and MI5 watch lists. WTF? If you are on any of these lists as Muslim extremists, there is something very bad and wrong about you, and these two cases prove it! I'm sure the next incident, and there will be another incident, the insane Muslim extremist will be known to the FBI and or MI5/MI6, and that says a lot right there. My prayers and thoughts are with the young soldier who was murdered and I hope he's at peace and that his family survives this horrible, horrible nightmare of having a good person taken in such a cowardly, brutal, and inhumane way.

I know I will be in a better state of mind come this long Memorial Day weekend. I will go see my family, and start cleaning up my apartment, and packing for my trip. Money is very tight, very tight, but I knew it would be this way, and I got enough to pay for all my expenses. I NEED this trip badly, and I hope that someone is looking out for me above and help me through the month of June as I try to manage several matters after my trip. Maybe it's the Buddhist in me that makes me a bit more sensitive to all the negativity in the world, and the nasty games that people play at work. I also sense something on the horizon with the world, and it just all concerns me. But alas, I'm just one person, one human, and I know I'm not alone. One step at a time, one day at a time. Vacation time is very soon!

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  1. Have a great time on your vacation, get plenty of rest …and restore you batteries! Once you arrive you will feel charged and things will definitely get better…you have to stay positive!! …and go with the flow…and things will definitely get better you’ll see! I have been through some bad times too …but I know that this change that I’ve made (moving to Canada) will be good for me and that good things will happen …I can feel it! We just need to stay as positive as possible in order to good things to enter our lives! xoxox