Friday, June 21, 2013

I Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest!

I'm happy to announce that today was my last day at work. I had planned to resign next week, and I still will do that on Monday, but today is the last time I will do work for those people. A few things transpired today to help me see the light and realize that they did not deserve a respectful resignation. They did not deserve me going in there for three more days to deal with their insufferable bullshit and be used. No, I quit today, but I will go in on Monday and hand the resignation letter to that fool supervisor, along with the office key and my badge. I would have done that this afternoon, but I did not have the office key with me, it was in my backpack at home.

When you are in a very bad work situation, and you are not appreciated or valued, and if you are lucky enough to either have some money set aside, or a new job lined up... just get the fuck out the crazy work scene. I will use the entire next week to decompress and unwind from the last two weeks of hell, and be fresh and renewed when I start my new job on July 1st!

I flew over the cuckoo's nest today! Hallelujah!

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