Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's that TIFF time of year!

I had a great vacation to London and Paris, and I will write much more on it in the coming days. I experienced technical malfunctions with my NEW camera, and I'm hoping the images for my first five days are recovered. But anyway, I do have some photos and I will post those in the meanwhile.

However, the thing that gave birth to ToZ is approaching: It's TIFF time again! But this time, it will be a special occasion because it will be my 10th anniversary of going each year since 2003! I want this to be special and I'm making preparations to really dig in deep to provide great coverage and commentary and film reviews and celebrity sightings! If you like, I suggest you keep an eye on this thread at the newly renamed Awards Watch (it was a forum of Awards Daily, but drama prompted the move). A lot of very cool people who are massive TIFF lovers will be posting the latest news there, including me.

This year's Toronto International Film Festival is September 5-15th, and ticket packages go on sale soon!


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