Thursday, February 13, 2014

Finding Henry Cavill in Michigan

Out of all of the social media formats that I am engaged with, the one that really stands out as the best and most efficient is Twitter. While I can proudly boast that way back in early 2004 I was one of the first one million people to join Facebook, it really just was never my scene. However, I keep it up because half the planet is on it now and you’re considered a Luddite freak if you do not have a Facebook account. I visit FB maybe 3 times a month, if that, but Twitter, I’m on it continuously, and I prefer to say it that way instead of constantly – it’s all about semantics and self-pride.

As you may be aware based on my previous expression of glee, the Superman vs Batman movie will be filmed in the Detroit area.  You may recall my fantastic review of Man of Steel, so you know I’m very excited about the sequel being filmed in town. According to my twitter fed last weekend, Henry Cavill has been in town for several weeks, and he was seen bar hopping around Ferndale. There have been reports by fans who have spoken to the man himself, stating that he’ll be in town for most of the year. Right now it appears that he’s working with his trainer to get Superman cut again. Well, just as timing would have it, I happen to plan to be in the neighborhood of Ferndale and Royal Oak this Saturday. Now I know chances are low of me bumping into Henry Cavill, but I should be respected for at least positioning myself to allow for such an encounter to occur.

Henry Cavill at Motor City Cross Fit in Detroit
As a matter of fact, now that I’m free from the anti-social monopolizing binds of graduate school, I am actually FREE to do fun stuff over the weekends again! So bring it Hollywood! It will be a fun mission to find Henry Cavill like finding Waldo this summer in the Motor City! If I am successful in my venture, I will surely post pictures. Wish me luck!

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  1. Go for it girl! And trying to spot Henry ( in or out shape) is time well spend. Enjoy!