Sunday, February 23, 2014

No More Sanctuary in Covent Garden

I will desperately miss my favorite London spa, The Sanctuary
As I was preparing to head out this Sunday afternoon for lunch and see a movie (The Monuments Men) with my friend Laurie, I spritz on a bit of my perfume from The Sanctuary Spa and it made me think about the spa. This is a lovely spa in London, specifically, the Covent Garden location that I have had the absolute pleasure of visiting four times since my first visit to the spa in 2008. During my most recent visit to London in June, I had difficulties trying to make a booking to the spa because as I am based in the US, the new online booking website no longer worked for ISPs based on the United States. I even tried to email The Sanctuary directly to make a booking, but they couldn't seem to be bothered with helping me. This was a red flag and very disheartening. It takes time, planning, and MONEY for an American to holiday in London, and considering that I go there approximately every 12-14 months to visit my dear friend Lucinda, one would think that the spa would have been more accommodating for an American trying to make a booking.

Since I could not make my spa booking, Lucinda and I took advantage of a coupon to go to Amida Spa at Chelsea Harbour instead. And we had a great time. I did miss some exclusives that were specialized by The Sanctuary, but I received my spa experience as I desired. It was my intention that on my next visit to London, possibly in November, I would try to visit the spa again. However, just this morning, I learned that the spa will be closing all of its locations as of May 31st! I was so shocked to learn this and the website did not go in to details - I had to read more about it at Get the Gloss. Apparently The Sanctuary has been losing day spa business, so instead of closing down one or two of the four spas to increase demand at the remaining spas, they are closing all four down. Moving on, they will launch their cool spa items via online retail. Well, I personally think this is a poor decision plan. They could have at least just left the Covent Garden spa open - it's absolutely beautiful (I hope another fancy Spa goes in that space). Well, I reckon during future visits to London, I'll find other spas to frequent, and I'll have to go to Boots to buy the Sanctuary toiletries I've come to enjoy.

Goodbye Sanctuary, I'll miss your lovely Covent Garden Spa!

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