Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Totally Different Neighborhoods

Just to give you an idea of how much I'm going to enjoy living in my new apartment because of the decrease in street noise level, check out the differences in the neighborhoods.

Light rush hour traffic at intersection of old apartment.

Sometimes traffic is horrific at this very moment. Worse on weekends.
This view is from my apartment building at the intersection of Huron Parkway and Washtenaw Ave. When I step outside of my apartment, and walk for 35 sections down the driveway, the images above is what I see. And this moment captured a lighter traffic moment. Sometimes traffic is so bad, it's difficult for me to make a left turn out of my complex. God forbid there's an accident. I have been living here since 2004 and the noise can be so deafening at times that I really wanted to move, but circumstances didn't allow it (underemployed, or busy with Grad school). The local fire department is half a mile down the road and the sirens rival that of the streets of Manhattan, I shit you not. Don't get me started on winter time snow plowing on the streets and for the commercial businesses at 3 am! The constant sound of horns blowing and pedestrian traffic. Everything is within walking distance, but there's a price I've had to pay - peace and quiet.

No rush hour traffic during rush hour time at new apartment.
And this image above is my view from my new apartment. I'm actually standing in the parking lot in front of my building's doorway. I love the trees, but even from my third floor apartment, the trees block a lot of the lake view. But that's ok, I can see a peak of it, and still enjoy the benefits of it by going outside and walking about. I'll be able to really enjoy some nice sleep ins at my new home. Come October when the leaves start to fall, I'll see the lake full frontal from my bedroom window.

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