Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Big Spring Purchases

Now that my airfare is all purchased for my upcoming European vacation, there are two products that I WANT to purchase soon which will help my vacation be more efficient. I declare want instead of need because these are purely vanity purchases that I deserve and will be put to great use and last for years.
The OG (Overnight/Gym bag) in Chocolate.
Firstly, a girl needs a proper carry on bag. Since I don't have a non-stop, I need my most precious items close to me. I currently have several carry on bags that I could easily use, but my investment in the OG bag by Lo & Sons (watch the video demonstration on the awesomeness of this travel bag) is something I want to have not only for this upcoming trip, but future trips too. BTW, Lo &Sons have a spring sale of 20% off. Perfect timing! I will buy it in the Chocolate shade because that will match my London Fog suitcase.

In my most recent quick weekend trip to Toronto, I used my bulky duffle Vera Bradley weekender bag. It was the perfect size to carry all by stuff, including a big fluffy robe to wear in my hotel room. Hey, it was 9 degrees when I traveled to Toronto during late January. But for my spring trip to Ireland/England, it's time to use a bag that is not only posh, but very, very functional and compact. As per the demonstration video, I really like all the neat pocket features, and the fact that it will perfectly attach to my larger suitcase. Also, I won't have to stress out and fight for overhead space on the plane, I can just place the OG under my seat and let the commoners bicker and deal with tight bin spots.

Since my smart phone will not work in Europe, I need to upgrade from my ancient 2011 iPod Nano 4 toy and use something more functional for communication. I will also purchase the iPad Mini 2 32GB. I prefer the smaller style of this iPad because it'll not only fit very neatly into my OG bag, but when I'm carrying a purse or backpack, I can slip that bad boy into it and not worry about it being too cumbersome.

With these new items that I will be purchasing soon, I'll be all set for travel comfort and efficiency, and having an updated form of wi-fi communication and internet usage tool.

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