Monday, April 6, 2015

It's Really Springtime!

Since my last post, I'm happy to report (aka, brag) that I am in possession of the OG Bag from Lo & Sons, and I have my new iPad! And in these few weeks, it is now Springtime and I cannot emphasize enough how my spirits have been lifted by the calendar shift of seasons. It's still a little nippy outside some mornings, but today, it is sunny and it will be in the low 60s. Trust me, this is good weather for Michigan in early April!

The month of March was a bit hectic as I worked hard for a fundraiser in my fan community. Although we were just a tad short of our goal, we still did a great job and I'm at peace with how I managed the fundraiser. It's good experience to help me with future jobs by demonstrating my initiative in selecting a fundraiser, and the marketing and strategizing I did to get the funds I was able to secure. I know now who are the true fans and those who are just looky loos. Nuff said.

I'm just 44 days out from my vacation and I am so excited to visit Ireland and England again. I have drawn up a savings budget for the next six weeks and so far I'm on target to have my vacation paid for without the use of one credit card. And speaking of credit, I'm hunkering down on tidying up my credit report. I'm subscribed to Credit Karma and it's a good tool to check up on regularly to make sure my report is accurate. One of my goals has been to not use my credit cards - if I can't pay cash for it, I don't need it. I want zero debt. Credit cards will be for emergencies only. For example, last Friday, I went to the Salvation Army store to see if I could snag a couple pair of pants and some shirts. Upon visiting the store, it's easy to be overwhelmed with all the stuff they have. But I was specifically looking for some khakis, some dress slacks, a polo shirt, and a long sleeve grey top. And I found all items, and the total was less than $7! These four items will expand my wardrobe significantly. I could have gone to the mall and spent almost $100 or more for the items I got, but instead, they were gently used high quality clothes from a second hand store. It helps that this is a college town with money to burn. So there is a lot of nice stuff to be found at the salvation army here in Ann Arbor! BTW, I'm wearing the khakis and the grey top right now!

My next purchase will be some very good walking shoes for my trip. During my 2012 visit to Ireland, in anticipation of the long hikes I would be doing, I purchased some Keen hiking boots. For some reason, after all the walking I did, my big toe on my right foot developed black toenail and it hurt like hell for weeks after! But I'm prepared to deal with this torture next time if I over exert my feet. But still, I want some newer shoes that are fashionable, and not as clunky as my boots.

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