Friday, October 30, 2015

Peace of Mind

My zen is coming into balance.

If you were to talk to the Simone of August 30th of this year, and then talk to the Simone of today, October 30th, you'd think you were speaking to two different people. That's just how remarkable the turn of events in my life has been in this span of 60 days. The stress of devoting 8.5 hours a day at a place that was gnawing at my soul was taking it's toll. But through a miracle from the universe, I got out of that place, and I'm in a more professional environment that has had a better impact on my body, mind, and spirit. Now I'm still running around the place and I have new work related stress and pressures, but it's manageable, and, part of the job, as long as I manage it well, which I will do. The most important change is that the work environment is not toxic, the people are nice and professional, and, it's quiet and non-political. All of these changes have made me sleep better, feel better about myself, I can meditate better, and wake up anticipating the day. What's in the past is in the past and what didn't kill me, just made me stronger and believing that there's always something out there that's better for me. I found a great zen balance for my life right now.

Who am I really?

I did a cool thing last week. I ordered one of those DNA kits from You provide a saliva sample and it takes about six weeks for you to get the results back about your ancestry DNA. To be honest, I have been curious about my ancestry since I was a kid. Looking at family photos of people I never knew or met, but I always wondered who were they, where did they came from, and who was their family, and where did they come from?  Of course, I identify as black, or someone whose predominate ancestral DNA is from somewhere in Africa. However, based on my appearance, I have European ancestry too, and most likely some Native American. And through this DNA test from, I will once and for all know the answer to, Who Am I? In this political correct society we live in, and the neat little proper racial categories Americans just love to put each of us into, I want to ultimately know who I am, down to the very DNA fiber that makes me, ME. I know my physical appearance says I am more than what others feel more comfortable in referring me to. I have always felt that if just one of my non-African ancestors didn't exist, or did not meet up with the person(s) who helped build up what my current DNA is, I would NOT be alive as I am today. So each DNA donor from whatever continent is 100% important and necessary in making what I am 100% of today. And that's just the damn bold truth that a lot of people don't care to embrace because it's too inconvenient and it messes up political demographic power games.

I'll get the results by mid-December so please come back here to find out who is Simone.

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  1. I did'nt know this DNA kit...I wish and I know that you will discover interesting things about your ancestry.