Monday, May 23, 2016

Full Steam Ahead

Just as I get the inspiration to write a blog post, oftentimes a quote or phrase comes to my mind which will be the theme of the blog post. As I'm starting to take some significant strides towards my move to California, the phrase, 'Full steam ahead' came to mind. I Googled the phrase for an image (see above), and the Google translation of this phrase reads: Used to indicate that one should proceed with as much speed or energy as possible.

Yup, that sums up my actions at the moment. I have started to apply to some jobs, and I even spoke with an HR rep at a local university in Los Angeles about how best to present my resume. I asked her this question specifically since I'm not in California now, but still in Michigan. I asked if I should use a local address and she said that would be wise. But she also told me to explain my relocation plans clearly in the cover letter. After a review of some ideal apartment communities around Culver City (my targeted area of future domicile), I am using a Culver City address on my cover letter and resume, but making it clear in my cover letter that it is my future residence. This serves several purposes: 1) It's a viable address of a place near the university that is my targeted employer, 2) having this address helps prevent my application from being tossed into the 'not local' bin,  and 3) it demonstrates my sincere intent to move to that area, it shows I'm committed, have done my housing research, and that I will be close to that employer.

As I'm applying to various other organizations, I'm using the same address. In all likelihood, I will live somewhere else, and hopefully very close by to this address I'm using, but I will be flexible in moving to several other areas where other targeted employers are based. Although I know some people in the LA area, contact with them has fallen into radio silence. I don't expect or want anyone to hold my hand in this big move, but it would be great to have some sort of emotional support and encouragement, or tips/advice in moving to the area. In an ideal situation, it would be good to use a local friend's address just on paper. But I don't have that luxury. I'm prepared to move to LA and start from scratch in building up a local network of friends. It will all work out in the end, I've got a lot of karma in queue and it's all good.

So if anyone happens to come upon this article in their search for ideas to plan for a relocation, especially to Southern California, it is ok to use a local address for your resume and cover letter. Just be sure that it's at least an address that is someplace you would definitely like to live at, and which is in a location near the company you are applying for. The address of the apartment I'm using is something I hope is available when I move, but if not, I will find something similar close by.

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