Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Four years later...

When my niece started high school four years ago, I told her that for her graduation gift, I would take her to London. She then asked if we could also visit Paris. Without blinking an eye, I said yes. Four years later, we are two days away from heading to my favorite city in the world, London, and the fantastic city of Paris. This will be my 12th or 13th trip (I need to count my passport stamps) to London, and my second to Paris. We're all packed and just waiting for the countdown clock to chime. I will make a pitstop in Toronto to have lunch with my dearest Canadian friend Glenn, and then fly to London from Toronto, where on Friday evening we'll have dinner with my dearest English friend Lucinda, and then on Saturday, meet up with a dear Fassinator friend, Anna - she will join us on the Jack the Ripper tour!

However financially straining this trip planning has been, it's been worth it because it's something that is a once in a lifetime trip for my niece, my mother, and me. I'll be the tour guide this time and watching them ooh and ahh over how brilliant both these beautiful and fun cities are.

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