Monday, June 6, 2016

My response to NYTimes Charles Blow commentary - The Madness of America

I have an electronic subscription to the New York Times, the one newspaper that I feel is a mandatory read for national and worldwide news. So when I read their editorials online, I often write an intelligent, compassionate, and professional response. One of my opinions was even printed in the paper edition a few days later back in April.

However today, a very interesting and well thought out editorial, written by Charles Blow, titled, The Madness of America, demanded me to respond in support of what he wrote. Basically he is calling out the anti-Trump demonstrators who interlope at Trump supporter rallies. These anti-Trump people, while their hearts are in the right place - not supporting such an unqualified and uncouth person to be POTUS, they have lost their minds in aiding in causing extremely violent eruptions at an otherwise legal rally of foolish Trump supporters.

Apparently I took too much time in reading the article between eating my lunch, and just as I pressed 'submit' to share my thoughts below, the comment section froze and up popped 'Comments Closed' at 689 comments. Gee, were comments getting too hot for NYTimes to handle? I have witnessed comments going well over 2000 for some articles. If you're going to write about Trump ad nauseum, then be prepared for heated comments from supporters and those who don't like Trump. My comment wasn't mean spirited, but I really wanted to get out there in cyberland, my opinion, so, I want to use my blog to publish my one time opinion on this pathetic Republican nominee (is this the best y'all can do?).

Trump cannot be elected!
I think both sides of the Trump debate, the supporters and the misguided protestors, are making matters worse. Just like how the KKK relies on the protestors to get valuable media coverage, so do the Trump gatherings attract the loudest and sadly, the craziest of the anti-Trump protestors, like a moth to a flame. Both sides are irrational, and the rest of us are looking at them while shaking our heads in disgust. 
I cannot stand Trump and I question anyone's rationality who would vote for him, but I would never, ever invade their space with violence while they gather to support him. Vote on election day inside the privacy of the voting booth, and that's the best way to protest against someone who would do irreparable harm to this country. Vote against Trump, don't waste your time inciting violence in attacking the very people are are prone to reacting to said violence. Don't fight fire with fire, it just gets hotter and out of control.

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