Sunday, September 4, 2016

Two Round-trip Drives to Toronto in One Week

Instead of completely avoiding the Toronto Int'l Film Festival this year like I originally planned, I will be driving there twice within several days for two separate events. As previously mentioned, I will be attending the TIFF Soiree for actor Michael Fassbender on Wednesday. A few weeks after buying the Soiree tickets, the film festival schedule was released and Fassbender's film, Trespass Against Us, will show on a Saturday at around noon. Perfect timing to go to Toronto again to see a film that I may have difficulty seeing later in the year. When single tickets went on sale today, I was able to purchase my one ticket for the 11:45 am Saturday screening.  I wanted to make my Saturday visit more worthwhile in looking for other films to watch between 3 and 6pm, but I couldn't find anything that really appealed to me. So, after I watch the movie, I'll immerse myself into Toronto for the remainder of the afternoon, hangout on King Street, go to my favorite sushi restaurant and be back on the road by 5-6pm.

Next year, I think I may have to take a real break from TIFF. The festival is changing so much, and becoming so much more expensive and cumbersome. Dealing with this saga from LA will be a bit too much, so I will take at least a one year break in 2017 and resume the following year. But until then, I will enjoy my visits this year.

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