Sunday, July 1, 2018

Introducing Club Chalamet

After I closed down a blog in May that I have been the editor of since 2008, and deleted the Facebook page, I told myself that I would not manage another fan community ever again. I would just sit my ass along the sidelines and just support a celebrity and enjoy the labor of love from another admin type fan/stan. But alas, it's not even two months after this proclamation, and here I am again, an admin of a message board for Timothée Chalamet! Danggit! LOL!

But before you roll your eyes in exasperation at me, allow me to explain. This past Wednesday, I just felt that the private DMs I was having with fans of Chalamet on Twitter required more space to be more free flowing in thoughts like permitting a fine bottle of red wine to breathe after uncorking and before drinking and sharing it with friends. Relying on DMs (direct message) as a way to engage in deep discourse about an actor was also very limiting in that I was only conversing with one person, and not several to get different points of views. So on Wednesday, 27 June, I had an epiphany to create a community message board for fans of Chalamet. Since the closing down of the previous fan community, I missed chatting with fans, and in that particular fandom, it has been at least 9 months since I had participated in a hearty, fun, and positive conversation with anyone on that topic. So I personally was missing out on being a part of an active discussion with like minded fans on a topic we were enthusiastic about.

I shared my idea with a few twitter friends and they supported my message board idea, and I quickly created a community name, Club Chalamet. I wanted the title to convey that it was for a group of Timothée Chalamet fans to all come together and support him. Although my focus is on the fan base that is older, 35+, the community is welcoming to all fans who are mature in their thinking and support of Timmy. I had been frustrated with some of the attitudes and behaviors of Timmy's younger fans (and even the older ones who should know better on how to act), and I just yearned for a place where a fan like me can publicly engage with other mature fans of Timmy.

To complement the message board, I created a Club Chalamet Twitter account to help promote and market the community. So in general, that's the update I have at the moment about my ongoing fan community admin support hobby gig. I'm quite excited about this venture because unlike my previous community, the message board truly will be a community endeavor, completely reliant upon fans joining and adding in their two cents to help the community thrive, while I will be the principle person marketing the community on twitter to help it grow. I will use this blog to write film reviews of Timmy's movies and film premieres/screenings/awards. I also anticipate huge news from Timothée within the next 8 months or so, and I want a community in place to provide the 100% support for him that I think he'll need and deserve. 

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