Monday, November 11, 2019

LA Event: 4th Annual Hollywood Enchanted Nights

Multi-talented artist and event host, Mary Harris.
It was great fun to join the Rich Girls TV Production crew, lead by Joy Parris to cover the 4th Annual Hollywood Enchanted Nights event hosted by the multi-talented artist and inspirational singer & songwriter, Mary Jane Harris. The goal of the event is to bring local LA artists together in a fun and safe space to share their gifts of art, fashion design, beauty, and music, with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the RAISMUP MOVEMENT, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting and helping others to become their best selves.

The event took place at the Little Amsterdam Coffee & Art cafe at 1412 S. Redondo Blvd. on Saturday, November 9th. Along with a red carpet, beautiful art, great food, and excellent music, there was also a fashion show featuring two local designers, Phree and Macy Lee. Some of the guests in attendance were: Joshua Mock - Owner of Little Amsterdam Coffee & Art; Aaron Wilson - Motivational Speaker; Nasreen Bhatt - Innersoul Hair Oil; Shay Phillip - Steel pan performer; Staci Alexzarderia - Singer, Ashley Edwards - Sould on Nails; Shay Franklin - Director/Producer; Bradford Downs - Musician; Chuk - Actor; Macy Idzakovich - Lemon Perfect; Tyler Jacob - Singer/model; and Rick Star - Singer/model.

Rich Girl TV Productions
Designer Phree
Designer Macy Lee of Clutch of Africa
Little Amsterdam Coffee owner, Joshua Mock
Aaron Wilson
Mary Harris singing

Guests enjoying the art on display

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