Sunday, January 24, 2021

Theatre of Zen Film Reviews Now at Letterboxd

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The primary purpose of the ToZ blog is to highlight articles written by me covering live events I have attended related to film premieres, film festivals, and film reviews. Due to the pandemic, and as demonstrated by the low volume of posts for all of 2020, there wasn't much of a motivation to update the blog once the lockdowns started in late March of 2020.

With that said, I have been watching films regularly at home but haven't been inspired to write any reviews for ToZ. There's just not enough unique visitors to ToZ to justify the dedicated time it takes to write a review, so my motivation to write reviews have been completely zapped. However, I have posted a few 'Quick Film Reviews' via Twitter. But it appears that due to some changes in the template features of Blogger, which hosts ToZ, I am no longer able to embed tweets on this platform to make it visible for readers to see the tweet film review.

However, as timing would have it, in early January I noticed people posting images of their 'recent activity' film reviews from Letterboxd and it triggered me as to why in the hell didn't I sign up for this film review site much earlier? After posting a few reviews at Letterboxd, I immediately liked it very much and the app and desktop features of Letterboxd makes it not only convenient but user friendly as well. I posted two film reviews back to back this weekend and since I realize the valuable film review and film catalog asset I now have, I went ahead and paid the 'pro' account annual fee of only $19 to get rid of the annoying ads. Ahhhh, it's much prettier and easier on the eyes visiting my profile page now.

Maybe next year I'll update to Patron at $49/year as I look forward to attending premieres and Q&As again in the LA area in 2022. I'm optimistically cautious that perhaps post September of this year theaters will open up again, but that's still 8 months away.

So please come check out my Letterboxd and please follow me at:

And speaking of the pandemic, a major benefit of being a full-time employee of a healthcare organization allowed me to be able to get dose #1 of the Moderna vaccine on January 23rd, and my follow-up vaccination will be on February 20th. What a complete peace of mind this brings me, and it just helps me to look forward to my plans to visit Paris in July now that I will be fully vaccinated and have proof for international travel purposes! 

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