Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Big Spring Purchases

Now that my airfare is all purchased for my upcoming European vacation, there are two products that I WANT to purchase soon which will help my vacation be more efficient. I declare want instead of need because these are purely vanity purchases that I deserve and will be put to great use and last for years.
The OG (Overnight/Gym bag) in Chocolate.
Firstly, a girl needs a proper carry on bag. Since I don't have a non-stop, I need my most precious items close to me. I currently have several carry on bags that I could easily use, but my investment in the OG bag by Lo & Sons (watch the video demonstration on the awesomeness of this travel bag) is something I want to have not only for this upcoming trip, but future trips too. BTW, Lo &Sons have a spring sale of 20% off. Perfect timing! I will buy it in the Chocolate shade because that will match my London Fog suitcase.

In my most recent quick weekend trip to Toronto, I used my bulky duffle Vera Bradley weekender bag. It was the perfect size to carry all by stuff, including a big fluffy robe to wear in my hotel room. Hey, it was 9 degrees when I traveled to Toronto during late January. But for my spring trip to Ireland/England, it's time to use a bag that is not only posh, but very, very functional and compact. As per the demonstration video, I really like all the neat pocket features, and the fact that it will perfectly attach to my larger suitcase. Also, I won't have to stress out and fight for overhead space on the plane, I can just place the OG under my seat and let the commoners bicker and deal with tight bin spots.

Since my smart phone will not work in Europe, I need to upgrade from my ancient 2011 iPod Nano 4 toy and use something more functional for communication. I will also purchase the iPad Mini 2 32GB. I prefer the smaller style of this iPad because it'll not only fit very neatly into my OG bag, but when I'm carrying a purse or backpack, I can slip that bad boy into it and not worry about it being too cumbersome.

With these new items that I will be purchasing soon, I'll be all set for travel comfort and efficiency, and having an updated form of wi-fi communication and internet usage tool.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tax Refund Time!

I received my tax refund in my bank account this morning and you just don't know how much I rejoiced when I saw that significant deposit! I processed my tax refund exactly four weeks ago, and as I was working on the refund template on the HR Block website, I was amazed by how much money I was getting back. I have never received this large amount, and I'm still awaiting an equally impressive amount from my state refund. So to get on top of booking my airfare for my Ireland/England trip in late May, I booked my outbound flight to Shannon through US Airways, and then I booked my Shannon to London leg on Aer Lingus. Along with booking on Aer Lingus, I reserved my Heathrow Express ticket too. All combined, I still saved $719 by not flying the rip off non-stop Delta flight from Detroit to London.

The importance of booking my flight with Aer Lingus so early is because they sell out quick. And when I purchased my seat this morning, they only had 3 seats left in the 'Plus' ticket category on my dates of travel (this price category allows you to pre-select your seat).

Due to some winter maintenance expenses for my car in the past few days, barring any other emergency bills and crap, I'm on target to use my state refund tax to buy an iPad. This will be a great tool to use while traveling and I like the iPad Mini 2 32GB; I don't need the newest, fastest and largest iPad. I mainly want it for wi-fi communication purposes so I can connect with family back home, and my friend in London. Since my mobile phone doesn't work overseas, it would help being able to keep in touch with folks. I'll buy it in a few weeks.

It really is a great stress reliever when I make the flight reservations for my next great adventure! Thank you tax refund!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscar Season is Over and my Favorite Won!

Eddie Redmayne is very happy to win Best Actor.
I'm grateful that the 2014 award season is over, and I'm pleased that the one category and performance that I have been rooting for has won. Eddie Redmayne was bestowed as the Best Actor last night at the 87th Academy Awards, and he was very, very happy! I jumped up and down and was just very pleased for him.

I did not watch every second of the program because I don't like all the song and dance and lame jokes, I just don't have the patience for it. I'm not going to slam Neil Patrick Harris, he does a good job as a host from the bits I have seen, but it's the material that he has to work with, and the way the show is produced that I find to be very corny. I did not have a care in the world with the Birdman vs. Boyhood Oscar battle, and as it turns out, Birdman won.

It's typical for Hollywood to vote for a film that is about actors. But it's also hypocritical of Hollywood to celebrate a film about an actor who played a superhero named Birdman, but they can't be bothered to ever nominate an actual superhero film for Best Picture. I look at this win as a way for Hollywood to pat itself on its back in supporting a film that has such a large cast of well known actors playing, actors. And it's another win for them to appear to support superhero films, but you have to be a naive if you think that's what they really do. The Dark Knight (2008) was a film that AMPAS refused to recognize for a Best Picture nomination. However due to the untimely death of Heath Ledger who brilliantly played the Joker, they gave him the Oscar for Supporting Actor that year. To AMPAS, real superhero movies are beneath them, they are silly popcorn genre films, not serious, well acted and crafted films like the one they honored last night.

For the first time in Oscar history, all eight films that were nominated walked away with an Oscar. I cannot help but think that this was not a coincidence; it's a deliberate act of spreading the love, but, not too much love on certain films, like Boyhood (the purported front runner, which just got 1) and American Sniper (which I thought would at least win both sound awards, but only got 1 as well). Meanwhile, Whiplash got 3 awards, The Grand Budapest Hotel got 4, and Birdman won 4 along with Best Picture and Director. The Imitation Game and my favorite, The Theory of Everything, had to settle for a measly single Oscar too. Selma won an Oscar for Best Song that seemed to bring many people in the audience to tears. It didn't have much affect on me because I thought the whole performance was contrived and overkill. Yes, I'm cynical because I'm tired of the pomp and bullshit of the Oscars.
Birdman won Best Picture
One main ire I had with the Oscars this year, but kept semi-quiet about it, was that Birdman director Alejandro G. Inarritu was the only person of color nominated in the five top categories. Of the five actors nominated, I'm not going to say whom should have been excluded, but I find it troubling that Selma actor, David Oyelowo did not garner enough votes to be nominated. If Morton Tyldum could be nominated for Best Director, how in the heck was David overlooked? So, in order to make up for this madness, the Oscar producers fall all over themselves to have a record number of minority performers and presenters on the show. It almost looked like the NAACP awards, that's how many notable people of color were presenting and entertaining at the Oscars this year.

I don't trust AMPAS because I believe the voting process and production of the program is played like a smart chess game with the powers that be at the highest echelons who know where the next move will be, and why it has to go into that spot. AMPAS can talk all they want about how democratic their organization is and how democratic the voting process is, but it's a pathetically predictable program in the major categories where biases and politics easily form voting decisions. But hey, who am I but just a mere movie fan? I'm probably the only person on the planet who feels this way. Nah, I doubt it. But in the end, I'm glad Eddie Redmayne won, and I hope Bradley Cooper wins his Oscar one day soon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Oscar 2015: Best Actor Race Commentary

Eddie Redmayne has come too far to not win on Oscar night.
Going way back to September in Toronto at TIFF, after watching The Theory of Everything, I knew Eddie Redmayne was going to go all the way to Oscar night and be the strongest contender for the Best Actor Oscar. It helps that I'm a fan of the work of Stephen Hawking, and that I enjoyed the movie very much. But for the first time in a very long time, I found myself rooting for a very young actor who has had a lot of detractors discrediting his work and talent. They even loathe the fact that Redmayne has the audacity to attend almost every Hollywood red carpet event in support of his film and award ceremonies. And in a sad attempt to wish professional harm against him, they foolishly hoped that his appearance in Jupiter Ascending (an entertaining film) would slow down his momentum and lose precious Oscar votes. Silly people.

For the most part, the 'haters' don't like Eddie Redmayne's pre-Oscar award tally success (Golden Globe, SAG, and BAFTA) because Eddie's main competitor, and critical favorite, the cool Michael Keaton, for Birdman, lost out to Eddie in these very important precursor awards. For clarity, Keaton also won a Golden Globe but in the 'Comedy/Musical' category, the less serious Actor category; while Eddie won in the more prestigious Best Actor in a Dramatic Film category. What is important to note is that Eddie and Michael were in the same category for the SAG and BAFTA, and Eddie won both of those. But yet, the fans of Keaton believe that Keaton can still win the Oscar. For the past 22 years, the overwhelming majority of the time, the winner of the Best Actor SAG went on to win the Oscar, and that's what scares and concerns the Keaton fans. The other acting categories are considered clear cut locks because they also won critical support and have won the major award prizes. When Eddie won the SAG, it really pissed off a lot of people who hate 'Theory' and Eddie, and that's how I know that his SAG win has pretty much sealed the deal for Eddie to go all the way on Oscar night.

Another Best Actor winner hopeful is Bradley Cooper for American Sniper. Some Redmayne haters at the two Oscar discussion websites I visit have also thrown their support for Cooper, in case Keaton doesn't win. Their argument is just as long as Eddie doesn't win, they will be happy for anyone else to win. And it should not surprise you to know that most of the Eddie haters haven't even seen his performance in The Theory of Everything. Isn't that insane and childish? At the crux of some of the hater's argument is that Eddie is too young to win a Best Actor Oscar and he hasn't "proven" himself yet. According to Eddie's IMDB, the man has been working steadily since 2005. Eddie is 11 years older than Jennifer Lawrence when she won her Best Actress Oscar two years ago, so this reverse ageist argument is insulting and embarrassing. AMPAS does have a problem with awarding men under 40 with a Best Actor Oscar, and they love the girls to be way under 35. The other nonsense argument is that this is Michael Keaton's "only chance" to win an Oscar, and that Eddie could easily be nominated again next year instead for The Danish Girl. Oh, so AMPAS is in the business of looking through a crystal ball and determining how many more times an actor has in him to be nominated and win in a different year, instead of honoring the actor for the current year's strong performance? There's no denying that Keaton is great in Birdman, and he has a long and varied, entertaining career, but was his performance really, really that more incredible than Eddie's? I don't think so.

I have had a serious love/hate relationship with the Oscars for the better part of a decade. After last year's exhausting race-baiting, political Oscar watch game between Twelve Years and Slave and Gravity, and my favorite actor being shut out time and time again, I'm glad to take a back seat this year. The only category that I have the slightest interest in is the Best Actor and my hopes for Eddie Redmayne to win. I won't be upset if Keaton, or Cooper to win. But I can't say that for my peers at Awards Daily and Awards Watch, most of them will lose their damn minds if Eddie wins. The sinister side of me wants Eddie to win so that I can also watch the entertaining meltdown that these Eddie haters deliberately set themselves up for. I don't care which film wins Best Picture, nor do I care which director will win. I'm at peace with being on the sideline this year, gently shaking one little pom-pom for one actor.

Best Actor:
Who will win: Eddie Redmayne
Who should win: Eddie Redmayne

I knew this guy was going to be busy this Oscar season!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I'm Going to See Bradley Cooper in The Elephant Man in London!

Bradley Cooper as The Elephant Man. 
In the nearly three years of writing for Theatre of Zen, I haven't written about my experience at a theatre production. Well the time has finally arrived and I'm excited to announce that in reference to my previous post about my London trip this spring, I am going to see Bradley Cooper in The Elephant Man! It was just announced officially yesterday (Friday, Jan. 24th) that Cooper's play will be in limited run in the West End starting in May through early August at the Theatre Royal Haymarket.

I visited the box office website last night and searched for tickets during the brief time I'll be in London (26 May - 30 May). As per seat availability at the right price and location, I was able to snatch up an orphan seat in the second row of the Stalls from the stage! Seats in the Stalls are £108 or £65, so I was very lucky to find the cheaper ticket so close to the stage. With the exchange rate, it's about $100 - a lot of money for a theater ticket, but this is a unique and rare opportunity to see an A-list three-time Oscar nominated actor. And to think, to my now embarrassment, I ridiculed his Oscar nomination back in 2012, for Silver Linings Playbook, as 'the pretty one from The Hangover movies'. But upon review of Bradley's IMDB page, you know he's not just a pretty face, he's a good actor, and after his stunning portrayal in the divisive film American Sniper, Mr. Cooper deserves some respect. And what's the highest praise a fan can do other than drop some nice coin to see him on stage in London.
Seat highlighted in green is mine for the May 28th evening performance
(stall section as of Jan 24th)
According to his IMDB, he has been mesmerized by the story of the real Elephant Man, John Merrick, since he saw the 1980 film starring John Hurt and Anthony Hopkins. So much so that for his Master's thesis (he's well educated too!), the Elephant Man play was his thesis project... and here he is playing John Merrick on Broadway and now the West End. Talk about having a life long passion for a project!

I'm so excited about seeing this play because I too am very familiar with the Merrick story and saw the movie when I was a kid. Meanwhile, Bradley's American Sniper is going into its second weekend and the film is expected to be number one again with earnings close to $60 million, pushing it well past $200 million. That's an amazing feat for an R-rated film released in January.

Bradley Cooper a Navy Seal sniper, Chris Kyle
If you haven't seen American Sniper yet, this weekend is a good time to go check out what everyone is talking about.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Quick Weekend in Toronto & American Sniper

The previous 5 weeks have been very stressful for me, so this past weekend in Toronto was exactly what the doctor ordered. My mood and attitude was uplifted and it gave me time away from the sources of stress so that I could re-calibrate and forge ahead with my life plans. The plunging Canadian dollar turned my $120US into $143CAN, a great sign for fun spending. To start off my trip, on Saturday afternoon, I got a Shellac pedicure at Pink Nails and Spa. I must do this more regularly! But I'm afraid that they set the bar so high, I may be displeased by going somewhere else. I did some shopping on Queen street by filling up with some Buddha's Blend tea from David's Tea, and I splurged on some bath products at a new natural wellness store, Saje (read my Yelp review). Later that evening I saw American Sniper (read below). On Sunday, I met with my TIFF/Awards Watch friend David A, and then I went to TIFF Bell Lightbox to check out the Stanley Kubrick exhibit and watch 2001 A Space Odyssey in 70mm. I ate really well... so well that two days later I'm still bloated. Here are some pictures -

American Sniper 8/10

I'm not going to review this film like how I usually review films. I'm very, very disturbed by the insane reaction towards this film from BOTH the Left and the Right. They should be ashamed of themselves, acting like imbeciles and playing the same old stale games to put down and antagonize those whose opinions about the film differs from theirs. So what Michael Moore and Seth Rogen don't like the film, there's no need to verbally abuse them and cyber bully them, and there's no need to use a broad brush on everyone who actually watched the film and enjoyed it. I liked the movie, period. I don't own a gun, don't want to own a gun, and I'm not a racist, pro-war, or pro-killing of human beings. I just felt that Clint Eastwood's film about a Navy Seal sniper who was particularly talented at killing people from over a mile away, to protect other Navy Seals from being attacked, was a damn entertaining movie. The film also focused on the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on these military personnel. Everyone reacts differently from PTSD; I even suffered from it post 9-11.

American Sniper appeals to a wide demographic of people, not just a certain type that detractors of the film want to view all supporters as. For a film to earn nearly $108 million in just 4 days and garnered 6 Oscar nominations, it is clear to me that this Oscar season, people who have a vested interest in it (financially, and emotionally) have a lot at stake due to the success of this film and they want to do all that they can to tear down this film. I believe Bradley Cooper did such a fine job that he should win the Oscar, and the film may win in at least the Sound category. I think it is too divisive for AMPAS to give it Best Picture, but that would be fun to see instead of the little seen, kinda dull but sweet Boyhood.

Go see what all the hype is. Don't let ignorant comments from anonymous lowlifes distract you from seeing a good film. Make up your own mind to see this, don't allow other people with warped agendas and anti-social attitudes turn you off from American Sniper. Because if you do, you're being just as immature and reactionary as they are.

ETA: A twitter friend posted the link to an excellent article that analyzes the controversy surrounding American Sniper. I read it and I hope you take a moment to read it too.

The Film Grapevine: Making Sense of the Controversy Surrounding Clint Eastwood's 'American Sniper'

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Travel Plans 2015

In my last post from a couple weeks ago, I announced my sudden inspiration to visit Toronto. I'm so excited to go there this weekend, especially since I have Monday the 19th off as a paid holiday for MLK Jr. day. I'll be staying at the new Holiday Inn Hotel with a special King bed suite deal, and I'll get a fancy pedicure at Pinky Nails & Spa at 544 Yonge Street. I was scanning Groupon Toronto for some good deals, but the really great deals were far away in the outer parts of Toronto. I wound up selecting Pinky Nails because of the great Yelp reviews. There are hundreds of salons for me to go get a pedicure, but I'm very particular about where I want to go. Not every place has Shellac Pedicure - this is what I want. The pedicure last like 6 weeks! And I prefer the individual chair pedicure set up instead of bench style where you won't have much privacy. I'll be eating well, have a drink or two, I'll do a little shopping, and of course, I'll go to the Kubrick exhibit and watch '2001: A Space Odyssey' on the big screen in 70mm. This is going to be a great short trip!

Meanwhile, I have just finished up the final details of my trip itinerary for my Ireland and England trip this May! I have been thinking about this trip for two years. A month ago, the trip was in turmoil due to some horrendous price gouging by Delta with their non-stop service from Detroit to London Heathrow. What has been a reliable and affordable non-stop flight since 1994, has now become cost prohibitive. Back in the day, when British Airways and Northwest was at DTW,  prices were always under $1000 for round trip, posh door-to-door service from Detroit to the almighty London. Today, with Delta being the only airliner at DTW that has service to London, these bitches have decided to increase the price, and decrease service! I'm sorry, but I'm no fool. Sure, if I can afford to visit London as regularly as I do, I'm not a poor person, but at the present, nor am I a millionaire, therefore, I refuse to be used by Delta this way and pay MORE for less service. So instead, I'm going to deal with a short layover in Philly via US Airways to fly to Shannon, where I will spend 4 days in Killarney, and then book flights on Aer Lingus to fly to London for 4 days. Then I'll fly back to Shannon, stay there overnight, and fly home the next morning. All of this flying will still save me a precious $1100. Can you believe that? These savings will PAY for my Killarney and London hotels! I was trying to include a couple days in Dublin, but the train and bus to get up there just took too much time. I'll visit Dublin next time when I can stay longer in Ireland.

The planning of these trips have lifted my somber mood as of late and I'm just grateful that I'm able to travel like I can. It's a great way to enhance your life and get away from the daily routine of life which can cause so much stress. Life is short so why not have fun and travel the world?

Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Visit to Toronto in January

In this last week of 2014, I am already looking forward to the month of January because I'm excited about my newly planned trip to visit. When I was in Toronto for TIFF this past September, I learned that a fantastic Stanley Kubrick exhibit was going to start in October at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. I recall the great James Bond 50th Anniversary exhibit I went to back in 2012, and so I know how well done these film exhibits are in Toronto. After a strange and stressful week at work, I needed something to cheer me up - so I made hotel reservations and I'm going to Toronto January 17-19th.

Also, as this year is coming to an end, I was looking forward to writing a Top 3 list of the coolest things that happened to me this year. The third thing has yet to manifest (it will soon though), but the other two events is related to my being hired last May as an extra for the Batman vs Superman movie filmed here in Detroit in which I played a journalist for The Daily Planet. And the second great event was the Pearl Jam concert in October in Detroit. Not only was it such a great concert, as usual, but it was my FIRST time seeing Pearl Jam in the City of Detroit in the 22 years I have been a fan of them. And to top it off, Eddie Vedder got off stage and came up to section and was just two rows from me while singing one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs, 'Last Kiss'.

I'm confident that 2015 will be my year and great changes are coming for me soon! This is my last post for this year, so Happy New Year and may you too have a prosperous, productive, and positive new year!