Saturday, September 21, 2019

Quick Film Review: Ad Astra - Grade (A)

Friday, September 6, 2019

Quick Film Review: It Chapter 2 (B-)

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Timothée Chalamet Stole the Show at 76th Venice Film Festival

Timothée at Venice Film Festival Photo: Stephania D'Alessandro
Timothée Chalamet attended the Venice Film Festival for the first time on September 2nd for his his new Netflix film The King, which had an Out of Competition World Premiere there. So far, he has earned raved reviews from Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, The Playlist, Vanity Fair, The London Times, etc. The film will debut in theaters on October 11th and then air on Netflix on November 1st. I'm really looking forward to this freshened up Shakespeare play. While I'm not the most well versed when it comes to Shakespeare's Henriad group of plays covering Richard III, Henry IV (Parts I & II) and Henry V, which is the young King that Timothée plays. It's been noted so far in some reviews that it takes an actor of Timmy's stature to pull off playing such a young King and apparently he does it very well. I for one can't wait to see The King in theaters here in the LA area and repeat viewings on Netflix. If Timmy makes the cut to participate in his third consecutive awards season, then so be it, and I'll continue to do my job at Club Chalamet to support him!

Two other important things to note is #1, that suit!!! Timmy was the talk of town on Monday and Tuesday with his beautiful silk grey suit from the Haider Ackermann 2020 Spring Collection. With Timmy's lithe model like stature, he was the perfect celebrity body to introduce this elegant beautiful suit to the world! Read this fashion review at Paper.

Photo: Ernesto Ruscio

And #2, what I was really looking forward to was seeing Timmy and his reported girlfriend, and The King co-star as his future queen Catherine of Valois, Lily-Rose Depp, on the red carpet together. Although they did not deliberately pose together for photographers, they were close enough to be in a few shots together and making them look like the perfect young royal couple. Yeah, I know, that's cheesy, but they are cute together, periodT. I think this was dictated by PR as to not flaunt their relationship in front on Timmy's fans. Sadly, many of his fans are very sensitive about his personal relationships and his private life. Anyway, both of these kids are half-French and speak the language fluently, and get along well, so, why not just support them and be happy that they're happy? Isn't the world messed up and dark and ugly enough as it is to not be happy for your favorite actor and his private life? If you aren't, then you need to re-evaluate a few things in your own life. Timmy looked BEAUTIFUL, not handsome, he's beyond that, he's beautiful, and Lily-Rose looked gorgeous in her pink Chanel gown.

The next festival stop for The King is the BFI London Film Festival. I don't know if Lily-Rose will be there, but she should and I can't wait to see what they wear there!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Netflix's The King Coming this Fall

As an English history buff, I have been very excited to see Timothée Chalamet's The King, directed by David Michôd by Netflix. Filmed over a year ago, and having a world premiere at the Venice Film Festival on September 2nd, I am surprised that it has taken the film's lead actor to drop the one sheet poster of the film today. The actor is doing the studio's job! I'm put off by Netflix's nonchalant attitude towards this film. Shouldn't they have not only dropped this poster weeks ago when it was announced that The King would debut at Venice, and release the trailer this week? I'm sure The King will be an exciting and entertaining film, but it appears to me that Netflix has two other films on its Oscar campaign wish list, and The King isn't one of them, and they are treating it as so. I certainly hope this isn't the case and I'm proven wrong. All hail the King, all hail Timothée Chalamet for stepping up when his studio didn't!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

MindHunter Season 2 on Netflix

If you haven't seen Mindhunter and you're looking for a brilliant show about serial killers and the actors that present them in new light, watch Netflix's MindHunter. Grade: A+ (S2), (S1 A-)

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Quick Film Review: Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood - Grade (A-)

Monday, July 22, 2019

My First Comic Con - July 2019

While I was living back home in Michigan, every July for the past eight years or so, I closely monitored the Twitter updates, and media articles about all the activities related to the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). I knew that once I moved to California, I would have to try to attempt to attend one day. In late Spring of 2018, it was revealed that a sci-fi project that I was very familiar with, Dune, was going to have a new adaptation done by one of my favorite directors, and it was going to star Timothée Chalamet. Once I learned this, my interest in getting personally acquainted with Comic Con immediately took on new urgency.

I registered with Comic Con in July, and waited for badges to on sale in November. The first round of sales is a pre-sale that occurs in late October, for those who attended the most recent Comic Con, it's a head start on those who skipped the most recent con, and those who have never attended, or haven't attended in a while. Thankfully, in early November, I was able to buy a badge for the Friday and Saturday. Although when I was granted access to the site, all 4 days, including the preview day was still available for purchase, I only wanted to do two days to start. Now after attending my first comic con, I will add on the Thursday, so I can have more time to visit the exhibit hall and off-site activities.

Thursday, 18 July -

I arrived in San Diego around 3:30 pm. Checked into the hotel that I won the lottery for - Hampton Inn San Diego Downtown. It's along the Pink shuttle line, but it's an easy 28 minutes walk (for me) to manage. The shuttle takes approximately 30 minutes. I walked around the San Diego Convention Center to familiarize myself with the logistics of the convention, as well as the off site activities (which I unfortunately was not able to take advantage of). I did have a Stranger Things fan party to attend, and luckily I was one of the first ones there and got in rather quickly and easily. I hung out for just over an hour as I had planned. Needed to get back to the hotel to be well rested for my first Comic Con day.

Friday, 19 July -

After collecting my lanyard, comic con guide, and bag, I proceeded to the rest of the Exhibit Hall and to say I was overwhelmed is a serious understatement.

It is stimulation overload when I first entered into the exhibit hall. You just let your eyes guide you and your feet take you where you naturally gravitate towards. It's similar to shopping at a mall, the weekend before Christmas with a very specific list of things to buy and only so much money. My eyes glazed over many of the fabulous exhibits there as they were interesting, but since I was not a fan, nor familiar with the product, it was easy to just look from afar with a smile and I kept moving to the next exhibits. I would say that the majority of loyal SDCC attendees are such hardcore fans, that at least 80% of the exhibits there will appeal to them. For me, I would estimate that maybe 30% of the exhibits appealed to me. And that's fine because of that 30%, those exhibits had 110% of my attention. I put so much money into the badges, which is like $70 per day, I spent approximately $110 on pre-sale items, and the hotel and parking fees, that I had a strict $100 spending budget for the exhibit. My total comic con trinkets spending wound up to a mere $62. Huzzah! This includes reimbursing my GA who nabbed the last remaining Dune boxes for us while I was trapped in Hall H.

I participated in a Star Trek Discovery 'beam up' exhibit, which was a lot of fun. But for this ONE activity I wanted to participate in at 10 am on Friday morning, I waited in line for about an hour. This was OK, it goes with the territory. Star Trek has a lot of fans and it's just something that you do at Comic Con: wait in line. But I have my limits, and there are only so many hours in the day. Can you imagine waiting in line for 1-2 hours for several exhibits each day of the con? That's why people attend all four days so that they can play the wait in line game for as many exhibits as possible. That's fine for some people, but thankfully for me, I'm only interested in doing this for a select few exhibits, and Star Trek was the only one worthy of my line waiting attention this year. Now, had Warner Brothers been on the ball and had Wonder Woman and The Joker at their exhibit, instead of focusing on their TV shows I don't give a damn about, I would have lined up for them. Warner Brothers is expected to return to SDCC next year, as they are the studio for Dune (hint), and to properly introduce Robert Pattinson as the new Batman.

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne entering Carnival Row Ballroom 20 panel stage

Ballroom 20 screen

By 1 pm, I was loaded down by stuff I collected, so I headed back to my hotel for a breather before I dealt with the line for Ballroom 20, another conference room for popular panels that is a beast to get into. The new Amazon Prime series, Carnival Row, starring Orlando Bloom was scheduled at 4:45. After my break, I headed back to the convention center to get in line for Ballroom 20. This is a 3500 seat auditorium, so it can fit half of Hall H. The most popular and highly anticipated TV programs are presented in this conference room. The line was quite impressive and when I was directed to the end, I was exasperated. But alas, I was informed by one of the volunteers that this line was nothing and that I would definitely get in. So word to the wise, if you plan on attending Comic Con in the future, and don't like the length of a line (other than Hall H), don't let that concern you too much, just ask volunteers around you and they will assure you that you'll be able to get in. If not, they will also tell you so. I had a good seat in Ballroom 20, just one seat off from the aisle (my preferred seating). I could see the stage clearly, but had to rely on the large screen for up close views of the faces of the people on the stage. We saw several impressive clips for Carnival Row, cementing my interest in seeing this show when it comes on in late August.

After I left Ballroom 20, I went into the exhibit hall once more realizing the Saturday was going to be monopolized by Hall H, so I quickly walked through it again to pick up a few more things. My suggestion about how to navigate the con is to ID the exhibits you MUST participate in and plan to wait in line for however long you desire. Then after that, walk through the con per each zone, directly in the middle of the path, looking left and right to see what's on both sides. Some exhibits that weren't on your radar may stand out, and you go there and you may find something that you didn't realize you wanted. It's all about pacing yourself and know what you like. If you don't READ comic books, there's no need to go to the comic book section. If you love limited edition comic art, then focus on that section and look for interesting art to buy. If you NEED a Funko exclusive, enter the lottery and hope you win. I entered autograph signings and exclusive lotteries and didn't get a thing. So, that saved me money.  I left the exhibit hall around 6:30 to go get dinner in the Gaslamp area. I was back at the hotel by 8:30 as I needed my rest to get up early for my Hall H adventure. (more after the cut)

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Quick Film Review: Stuber (B)