Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My TIFF Film Schedule!!

 The exciting day has arrived which allows tiff cinephiles and fans to know which films are showing on which days and at which times during the 37th Toronto Int'l Film Festival. I'm on target to view 18 films and here is the schedule:

Thursday, Sept 6
**tiff Surprise Event 6-8pm
On the Road 'Gala' at Ryerson 9pm

Friday, Sept 7
Rust and Bone @ Ryerson  12pm
The Gatekeepers  @ Bloor  3:00pm
The Master*  @ Princess of Wales   9:00pm

Saturday, Sept 8
Argo*   @Elgin  11:00am
Seven Psychopaths*  @ScotiaBank  3:30pm
Cloud Atlas*     @Princess of Wales   6:00pm
End of Watch  @Princess of Wales  9:45pm

Sunday, Sept 9
Pusher*  @Cineplex Yonge & Dundas   12:00pm
The Sessions*  @Elgin   2:30pm
Byzantium*   @Ryerson   9pm

Monday, Sept 10
The Company You Keep   @Bell Lightbox 1  11:15am
The Impossible  @Princess of Wales  3pm
London - Modern Babylon*  @Scotiabank 1  7pm

Tuesday, Sept 11
Iceman*   @Ryerson  12pm
The Time Being   @Winter Garden Theater  4:30pm
Passion*  @Winter Garden Theater  8:00pm

Wednesday, Sept 12 - Last Day
Great Expectations  @Elgin 11am

(*)These are my MUST sees, and the other must sees previously noted, I cannot see due to schedule conflicts. But with the exception of not being able to see 'Everybody Has a Plan', I'm very pleased with this schedule. I reviewed the schedule with great concentration and moved titles and days/times around like chess pieces in order to see some of these films. As I reviewed the schedule, I had to remove a film or two because I realize that I would be seeing three films in a row without proper time to use the bathroom or eat a decent meal. Some theaters are across town from each other and therefore, making it a not so fun and stressful mad dash to get to the next theater. Oh no, I've learned my lesson, I can't roll like that anymore. I do regret knowing that I will NOT have the stamina to deal with Dredd 3D as part of the midnight showing on opening night. By that time, I will have been up since 3:30am that day to travel to Toronto and... let's just say I can't hang that late on the first night.

I'm going to have a great time at the 37th Toronto International Film Festival, and this will be my 9th year in a row attending.

Here is the link to the complete film schedule for tiff 2012!


  1. That's a lot of watching, lady. I hope you let me know how 'The Master', 'Cloud Atlas', and "Seven Psychopaths' go. These are on the top of my must watch list as well.

  2. Some excellent choices there! Will you be commenting (via twitter?) on some of what you see? I'm hoping that some of these turn up at the London Film Fest (LFF) in October (but I should know the timetable by early Sept). I have everything crossed for Cloud Atlas to show at LFF as it doesn't open in the UK until next effing MARCH.

    So having an idea as to what to pay out for and what to sit out will be appreciated;)

    Wholeheartedly agree on your policy of having comfort breaks between films - sometimes it's not just 'physical' comfort you need to sate - it's 'intellectual' too. I learned this the hard way last year after seeing both Shame (which I loved) and Drive (not as much) on the same day. At least I know what my bulletproof squick is now (violence - not nudity)

    Hope you have a lot of fun!

  3. Ohhh, I would like to hear about Cloud Atlas, Simone.

  4. hey everyone, yes, I'm very excited about Cloud Atlas. I reckon it's going to be a complex film based on the several different story/plot lines interconnected to each other via the passage of a great deal of time. So I will make sure to drink a heavily caffeinated drink beforehand.

    I will provide updates at the end of the day. I don't have a smartphone, so I won't have the ability to provide live updates, and that is perfectly fine with me.