Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Local Ann Arborite Talks About Going to TIFF Too!

Star watching and Film watching at tiff 2012
One of the principle radio personalities on Ann Arbor's radio station, WQKL 107.1 (107one), Martin Bandyke wrote an article at AnnArbor.com about him looking forward to his 30th TIFF this year. I knew I wasn't the only one in my community who looks forward to September in Toronto, and Martin proved it. Although his devotion to it blows me out of the water by two whole decades, it's all good.

Here is an excerpt from Martin's article:
I’ve been attending the Toronto International Film Festival every September for almost three decades, and this year I’m once again thrilled to be sitting in the dark with a bunch of other movie maniacs who have gathered in Toronto to see what’s new and exciting in the world of cinema.
TIFF (the acronym by which the festival is best known these days) is screening a staggering number of films this year, 372 in all, so there is plenty to see no matter what your tastes may be. Since many of TIFF’s high-profile screenings are movies that definitely will be coming to Ann Arbor real soon, I tend to avoid most of those in favor of ones which will take much longer time to come to town, if they ever make it at all.

Here is a small sampling of what I’ll be taking in at TIFF this year, and it’s certainly not too late for you to join me in Toronto, as the fest runs Sept. 6-16. Just go to www.tiff.net to get started, and don’t forget your passport and Visine.
Please read the rest at: http://www.annarbor.com/entertainment/time-for-tiff/

Meanwhile, last night, I have confirmed with two other people who post at Awards Daily, hook up times to see films together. So I will finalize that with them once we're all in Toronto. It's getting quite exciting, and my adventure towards Toronto could not come at a better time as I'm feeling a little stressed from work, and the stress of the upcoming class year.

I created a tiffr profile at tiff which allows me to select my film schedule at the tiff website, and post a comment about the film for all to see. I printed it out and it's very neat looking and good for me to read and follow to stay on top of my film viewing schedule. Check it out right here: http://tiffr.com/2012/schedules/simone66

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