Monday, November 12, 2012

The 007 Exhibit at TIFF Lightbox in Toronto

I received a nice email from my TIFF Toronto bestest friend Glenn this afternoon, right in the mist of pulling my hair out at work. He was just checking up on me and read my Skyfall review and stated that he saw it and loved it too. When I replied back, I told him how much I would just love to visit Toronto again to go to the TIFF Lightbox to check out the Bond exhibit there. Previews of the James Bond exhibit played just before every film I saw at TIFF in September, and in celebration of 007's 50th Birthday, I had hopes way back in my mind to see it, but I figured it would not be.

Thankfully, after Glenn mentioned how fabulous it was, on top of me still mesmerized from Friday night's screening of the film, I double checked with him to see if he's going to be in town the last weekend of December. Because my last class for this term is December 18th, I figured Dec 28-30 would be the best time to go to Toronto. And I did a quick search on the VIA rail website, and they had only a few supersaver seats remaining.  Glenn confirmed his availability that weekend to serve as host to me again, and I went ahead and booked the ticket to Toronto! We're also going to check out the X-men exhibit, and go to the Art Gallery of Ontario to see the Frieda Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibits. What a fantastic posh weekend I will have in Toronto in six short weeks! I'm so lucky to have a cinephile and art lover friend in Toronto! This will be my first time in Toronto during the winter, I've only been there during spring/summer. The weather there is similar to where I am in Ann Arbor, so it'll be cold, but I'll be inside enjoying gorgeous art exhibits and eating great food with friends!

Source: TIFF Exhibits

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