Thursday, January 3, 2013

About that Horrible Rape in India

If like me, you have read a lot about the horrible and unbelievably brutal gang rape against an innocent 23 year old woman who was an aspiring doctor. The unknown woman died over the weekend and has become almost martyr like in her death to finally prompt significant changes in the way people think, MEN especially, in India about the raping of women in that culture. The six thugs have been caught and the evidence against them is so strong, and the brutality of the victim is so inhumane, that they may get the death penalty.

In a New York Times article posted today, this quote sums up the attitude about India and why it must change:

Kishwar Desai, an author, wrote an opinion article in The Indian Express on Thursday that said the gang rape illustrated to some that “a certain class of men is deeply uncomfortable with women displaying their independence, receiving education and joining the work force. The gang rape becomes a form of subduing the women, collectively, and establishing their male superiority.”
My question is this: Will this disgusting case be the rape case out of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, that causes change in the diverse caste system culture of India... of the entire continent? I do not know, but I hope so.


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