Friday, January 25, 2013

Get my DIA on!

On Saturday, my friend Laurie and I will head down to the Detroit Institute of Arts. I have a special project I'm working on and a need a few pictures of me taken in the galleries. Also, I'm going to buy a seat in the Take Your Seat program, and we'll watch Holy Motors! My friend Glenn in Toronto told me that it's a pretty remarkable film, it's French so I'm definitely down with that. I need to keep listening to French so it won't be so alarming when I travel to Paris this June.

And speaking of that, I need to listen to my Speak French cd that I bought months ago. I tried to download it onto my ipod, but it only downloaded a portion of it. When I visit Canada, they have most things in English and French, but one must really immerse themselves into a foreign language to get the gist of it to use for holiday traveling. So that's my goal in between my studies this term.

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  1. Holy Motors stars Denis Lavant, my favorite French actor (I LOVED him in Beau Travail by Claire Denis, a film that Steve Mc Queen has listed as one of his fav movies too!!). But I found Holy Motors a bit disappointing: very good moments, but weak moments too. You'll tell me your opinion! And I hope Laurie's photos of you will be fantastic!