Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Playing the Lottery - Dreams do come true, right?

I had a dream in December that in 2013, I would win the lottery. Naturally my hopes would be that I would win a lottery large enough to not have to worry about my financial securities ever again, but not too large to become an overwhelming burden, a curse, and a target for scams and freeloaders. I think most decent hard-working people would welcome the chance just to win a few hundred thousand dollars, or just a cool million. With proper investments, the interest alone would make a million dollar win a life changing event. I'm aware that my "dream" could mean that I would win something as little as $5. I'll take it, and then turn it around and re-invest it back into my frugal lottery fund.

The way I look at it, is if you want to win the lottery, you have to play it, and play it regularly. What is $1 a week? Exactly, nothing! Instead of a pack of gum, a bag of Doritos, or a snickers bar, why not invest in a dream?

So, playing the Michigan 'Classic' lottery once a week is my goal. No harm, no foul. I pick six numbers and cross my fingers. If I don't win, again, it's just $1. In the past, I used to play the Mega-millions and "only" if the jackpot got up to $200+ million or more. The higher the jackpot, the more ridiculous the odds are against you from winning, especially if, like me, you only spent $1 on an EZpic! So instead of once or twice a year, why not weekly on a state managed jackpot that ranges from $100,000 on up? The odds would appear to be more in my favor of winning something significant, one day.

If you reply to this post with good luck wishes, and if I win a big lottery, I'll give you a gift! I promi$e. :-)


  1. Good luck, Simone!!!))) may the odds be in your favor!!! I think everyone is secretly dreaming of winning in a lottery. Or in a casino))) like in Ocean's 13))) I myself would prefer the arcade machine. With a lot of coins flowing to me after I win. Ahhh, it would be awesome))))))))

  2. hello Simone... I've been "surfing" around and i came across this blog of yours...and till now i like it allot...i like the way you express yourself! Just wanted to say that i too dream about the lottery...well for me is the euromillions (once you arrive in europe i advise you to play!) i play every week too for 2euros and i have "faith" that one day the jackpot will be mine! Once i had my birthchart read by an astrologer and she said that one day i would! so i'm crossing my fingers that that day will be soon! If you are into astrology you should check your chart! Maybe your day is near! :) Good Luck :)

  3. Hi Dianne! it's nice to see someone agree and understand what I'm saying about the lottery. I know I'll win big too, it's just a matter of how much and when?

    Good luck to you, and when I'm in France, I'll play that lotto! xoxo