Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just 42 days out!

I found this image of the Eiffel Tower at tumblr this morning and it represents two things: The end of the my winter term of grad school, and my trip to Paris (4 June - 8 June). I'm going to be taking dozens of pictures of this landmark and surely one or all of them will be the banner image of this blog. And speaking of the banner image, I'm going to rotate it possibly up to two times a month. During the first 7 months of this blog, I had one image of the State Theatre's marquee, but that gets old pretty quickly. To keep up with the 'zen' concept of ToZ, I'm going to showcase original images taken by me as the banner image.

I will not have any classes this summer, but I'll be busy looking for a new job and working on my graduate project pertaining to my FACT Community website - which hasn't been updated in weeks due to the demands of my studies.

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