Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Me and Netflix are BFFs Again!

Remove the kids and the dude, and this will be an accurate reflection of my home viewing pleasure of Netflix on TV.
While I'm sitting on pins and needles awaiting word from TIFF's accreditation department, I signed up again with Netflix after a year and a half separation. Previously, I got so tired of bad streaming problems, and waiting for weeks on end for a popular DVD, I just up and quit Netflix in early 2012. Eventually I would go back to them, but I needed a break. And last September, I bought a blu-ray player for my birthday, and it has an internet feature on it which would allow me to stream Netflix videos via my TV. Finally, just this past weekend, I noticed that Netflix has a one month free membership trial - so I figured now was the perfect time to test my blu-ray. And you know what, it works brilliantly!

I don't watch TV, I just use the TV to watch DVDs on it, but now with Netflix, I am able to pick and choose my own programming in a way that cable does not PERMIT (i.e, a la carte) the consumer the option of - choosing what to watch and paying just for that. I will never go back to cable, especially now that Netflix ironed out some much talked about issues. So now I will get up to speed on The Walking Dead, Dexter and True Blood, and many other films. I will get DVDs as well, and my first one arrived today : Despicable Me. Yea I know, it's an animation, but I hear that Despicable Me 2 is very, very funny so I want to see the first one.

I'm very happy with my new Netflix arrangement, and it's so cool to watch the entire Season II of The Walking Dead over a span of several days instead of weeks. I will start Season III immediately afterwards, dang, it's not available yet.

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