Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vanity Fair Finally Places a Beautiful Black Woman on its Cover!

Vanity Fair tends to live up the the 'Fair' part of their namesake and has a penchant for placing fair skinned people on their covers, month after month, after month. So you can imagine my shock when I noticed on tumblr this evening that the beautiful Kerry Washington of TV's Scandal, has landed the coveted magazine's August cover - all by herself too. I may even buy the magazine just to celebrate them having her on the cover, and to help this issue be a strong seller. Once they realize that people will buy a Vanity Fair issue with a black person on the cover, perhaps the editors will use more black celebrities in the future. It is 2013 after all, and Vanity Fair needs to start being fair and giving solo covers to well deserving minorities! Group photos and being on the 'fold-out' DON'T count! Having a Vanity Fair cover all by your damn self is the highlight of one's career. The severe lack of diversity of the magazine's monthly cover has not gone unnoticed. So many deserving people would appreciate this honor.

Thank you Vanity Fair!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her but I had to make myself not buy this. LOL I spent too much money on mags and I had just recently bought one with her one it. LOL However I did stand in the grocery store and read the article.