Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Russian Olympics Should be Boycotted!

I cannot sit back and watch the United States and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) continue to carry on with the Sochi 2014 Olympic games. Both entities are well aware of President Valdimir Putin's aggressive, discriminatory anti-gay policy against Russia's LGBT community. No one in that country can be out and proud for fear of losing their jobs, life, and go to prison. Anyone thought to be gay can be arrested and detained for up to 14 days. The Russian government is using gay people as a scapegoat to cover up continued Russian political drama, government corruption, and a poor economy... just like that how German bastard during WWII used Jewish people. Yes kids, history does repeat itself!

Russia NEEDS these games and they need them to be successful. So that's why it's all the more perplexing that in 2013, six months before the Olympics, Putin would take such a ridiculous gamble and indiscriminately single out a group of citizens and criminalize them. I stress the year 2013 because it's just so unbelievable that a supposed government of a civilized world power society, that has a seat on the United Nations, would be so ass backwards and treat homosexuals as deviant criminals. The world over would be appalled if instead of LGBT people, that the victims be Jewish, Asian, black, handicapped, fat, etc. No one would tolerate that, but when it comes to gay people, other people's personal sexual orientation... oh well,  it's not our problem, we should still just go to the Olympics and kick ass! Yeah! This is bullshit and I sure as hell won't be paying attention to the Sochi Olympics. Then again, I haven't cared much for the Olympics since the 90s, so... but still, I'm not going to write about it or tweet 'Hoo-rays' when my favorite nations win the gold. I'll just ignore it. But it's my hopes that as time passes, some brave countries will announce that they are boycotting the Olympics on humanitarian grounds, or that some high-profile athletes publicly announce that they are not going.

What about all the gay athletes, trainers, reporters, visitors and family/friends who plan on going to Russia? Do they have to leave their gayness at home? And if they do, will they happily spend money in a country that jails gay people just because they're gay? If these games go on and if they are a financial success per Russian assessments, then the world just told Russia that their political war against LGBT people is A-ok and that what they're doing is the right thing. And to that, I say fuck the countries and the people who support the Sochi Olympics and Russian politics.


  1. Good for you Simone!

    One thing I wonder is if a high profile gay athlete could make a significant, powerful statement by making a right spectacle of this or even more subtly via rainbow signs, calm, matter of fact chat in interviews, etc. (see http://www.tmz.com/2013/08/15/darren-young-wwe-superstar-gay/). Would a famous western world hero be arrested I wonder? It would cause quite a scandal I would think.

    I did think the Olympics were about uniting nations and people and Russia's archaic stance on sexuality seems to fly in the face of this. The again, the IOC, prone to bribery, etc. may not be the best rep for Olympics - http://www.advocate.com/politics/2013/08/13/international-olympic-committee-forbids-athletes-speak-against-russian-antigay

    Glenn, your TIFF BFF

  2. Another article just posted on CNN:


    Glenn (again)

  3. I knew you would understand Glenn, thanks. And it would be incredible and brave for a high-profile person to announce they are gay and how they feel about the Russian gov't policies and the olympics.

    The IOC is a very corrupt organization, and I believe them to be soulless and indifferent to this inhumane policy in Russia.