Monday, January 6, 2014

Frigid Winter Wonderland

Facing North bound of Huron Parkway
The snowstorm that hit the Mid-west and my state of Michigan was bad. We got around a foot of snow, but what is worse than the road clogging snow is the frigid cold air that will linger around for the next several days. I took a break from hibernating in my apartment and walked across the road to get something from Whole Foods... here are some pictures:

Exiting my apartment building

 That's my car. I refuse to live anywhere that doesn't have a carport, just for this type of weather.

 Heading towards Whole Foods on foot across Huron Parkway

 A foot path up the hill to the shopping center.
 The parking lot of Walgreens. It's usually packed to the max at noon. Today, nothing.
Walking towards Whole Foods - it's so damn cold. It's 3 degrees, and -20 with the wind chill factor.

 Walked past Whole Foods to go to the BP gas station to buy my weekly lottery tickets.
 Dangerous icicles!
And this is why I walked to Whole Foods. LOL! I really just wanted to get outside for a minute.

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