Friday, May 16, 2014

Flight Booked and Spring/Summer Plans

Isn't it a relief when you press the 'purchase' button at to book your flight for your vacation trip? Well I did that this morning and I'm so excited to visit California again, the first time since 2011. I have a friend there who I met up with during my last trip and she has confirmed that she'll be free to hang out with me and take me to the Getty Museum. I love going to museums and every major city that I visit, I must go to the museum, but LA is different in that it helps having a friend who can drive you around. I could rent a car as I had during my past trips to LA, but the place I'm going, Venice Beach, you don't really need a car, and I love that. Anyway, having a friend who lives there is a big plus because they can drive you places further inland. And I have asked her to drive me around Beverly Hills because I want to look at some homes that are for sale there.

When I fly to California, I always prefer a window seat. I love looking at how the landscape of leaving the Midwest and flying to the West coast changes drastically. Here in Michigan, it's lots of lakes and water and flat farmlands. As you fly further west, things get browner, more sparse, and wow, look at them Mountains, and the snow on top of them! Just absolutely beautiful. It's like my favorite part of the trip - flying there! The benefit of a three hour difference is that I'll leave Michigan at 8:36am and arrive in LA at 10:30am! I'll arrive at my hotel, they usually will have my room ready, and then I go eat lunch at Baja Cantina, have a margarita, and then sit on the beach soaking in the sun and the scent of the ocean. California is seriously calling me at this stage in my life, and I want to move there... but, baby steps and miracles first.

I previously mentioned that I have temporarily put a hold on my job search because the ideal hiring window was in Feb/March, and with my LA trip plans, and my Sept TIFF plans, my possible Extras work on the Superman/Batman movie, my volunteer work during the Cinetopia Film Festival, and moving at the end of July - Whew... looking for a new job and trying to get time off to accommodate these events weren't ideal. So, I'll start back up the job search in late August and be much more aggressive. As you can see, I have a busy spring/summer ahead of me, and I still haven't shared everything. For the first time in my life, I feel completely in control of where MY life is headed, and it feels so damn good!



  1. SO happy and excited for you Simone!!! Baby steps is the way my friend - you'll get there; Bless. California, I lived there for 9 years - an adventure each day; longggggg wonderful memories! It's always GREAT to get back. Safe travels and looking forward to hearing about it xoxoxo :)

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