Monday, November 10, 2014

Lamenting Moving to my Home State

There's no place like my future home in California
Lately, I have been chronically thinking about my future move to California. I think about it everyday: day in and day out. It's non-stop. They say, "home is where the heart is", and although I'm physically in the state of Michigan, my heart certainly isn't here, it's in Southern California.

To keep my spirits high and forward thinking about a life I know I will have in California, I think about the house I'll be living in, the car I'll be driving (a Prius, in Blizzard Pearl, of course - I even have a CA personalized license plate selected), the smell of the ocean breeze, the sweat on my skin from hiking in the Santa Monica mountains, the taste of eating sushi everyday, enjoying favorable weather and sunny skies daily, and welcoming regular visits from family and friends from Michigan. A part of me is working hard everyday to make my current existence in this state as comfortable and productive as possible, but obstacles, dead-ends, and disappointments have been littered about notably in the past few weeks. But, I am devoted and determined to remain positive and hopeful to ensure that what I want will happen.

I read a quote on twitter this morning that triggered this blog post:
Your destiny is in your hands. Creating the life you want is only, and always, up to you.

I've always believed this statement, and especially in the past several months, it has been a focus of my concentration in reinforcing to myself that I'm in control of my life. We are the architects of our lives, and I used to whine and complain a lot about stuff that wasn't going well in my life. And when I look back at those times, my negativity was only reinforcing my life at that time and keeping me under a dark cloud for so long. It's useless looking back in the past because what's done is done, there's only moving forward. I know what I want, and I know what I have to do to get it. It takes planning and due diligence, and like many important favorable things that have come to fruition for me, just like I planned it, this too will happen for me.

Life is too short to stay somewhere I am not happy. I smile and have happy thoughts when I think of California. When I'm a little down, my feelings perk right up when I think of California and the life I'll have there. I'm done with Michigan, it'll always been my family home state, but my heart home state is California!

I have this background on my home computer - Daily Motivation

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