Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Travel Plans 2015

In my last post from a couple weeks ago, I announced my sudden inspiration to visit Toronto. I'm so excited to go there this weekend, especially since I have Monday the 19th off as a paid holiday for MLK Jr. day. I'll be staying at the new Holiday Inn Hotel with a special King bed suite deal, and I'll get a fancy pedicure at Pinky Nails & Spa at 544 Yonge Street. I was scanning Groupon Toronto for some good deals, but the really great deals were far away in the outer parts of Toronto. I wound up selecting Pinky Nails because of the great Yelp reviews. There are hundreds of salons for me to go get a pedicure, but I'm very particular about where I want to go. Not every place has Shellac Pedicure - this is what I want. The pedicure last like 6 weeks! And I prefer the individual chair pedicure set up instead of bench style where you won't have much privacy. I'll be eating well, have a drink or two, I'll do a little shopping, and of course, I'll go to the Kubrick exhibit and watch '2001: A Space Odyssey' on the big screen in 70mm. This is going to be a great short trip!

Meanwhile, I have just finished up the final details of my trip itinerary for my Ireland and England trip this May! I have been thinking about this trip for two years. A month ago, the trip was in turmoil due to some horrendous price gouging by Delta with their non-stop service from Detroit to London Heathrow. What has been a reliable and affordable non-stop flight since 1994, has now become cost prohibitive. Back in the day, when British Airways and Northwest was at DTW,  prices were always under $1000 for round trip, posh door-to-door service from Detroit to the almighty London. Today, with Delta being the only airliner at DTW that has service to London, these bitches have decided to increase the price, and decrease service! I'm sorry, but I'm no fool. Sure, if I can afford to visit London as regularly as I do, I'm not a poor person, but at the present, nor am I a millionaire, therefore, I refuse to be used by Delta this way and pay MORE for less service. So instead, I'm going to deal with a short layover in Philly via US Airways to fly to Shannon, where I will spend 4 days in Killarney, and then book flights on Aer Lingus to fly to London for 4 days. Then I'll fly back to Shannon, stay there overnight, and fly home the next morning. All of this flying will still save me a precious $1100. Can you believe that? These savings will PAY for my Killarney and London hotels! I was trying to include a couple days in Dublin, but the train and bus to get up there just took too much time. I'll visit Dublin next time when I can stay longer in Ireland.

The planning of these trips have lifted my somber mood as of late and I'm just grateful that I'm able to travel like I can. It's a great way to enhance your life and get away from the daily routine of life which can cause so much stress. Life is short so why not have fun and travel the world?


  1. Enjoy your trips Simone
    I'll go to London and Dublin too this year.😊

  2. It is ridiculous what Delta does. I can imagine that your travel plans lighten up your somber mood. First that great Toronto weekend and in May England/Ireland. I find it such a pity not to be able to join you.
    Last week I went to see Birdman. Don't know if you saw it? But there was a funny part in it involving Michael's name. It is about a play and the leading actor drops out. Michael Keaton character is in charge and wants an other actor. He said something like "I want an other great actor, such as Michael Fassbender". (Funny detail is that he calls a number of names and all of those actors had roles as comic heroes).
    So for now I wish you a fun trip to Toronto!