Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tax Refund Time!

I received my tax refund in my bank account this morning and you just don't know how much I rejoiced when I saw that significant deposit! I processed my tax refund exactly four weeks ago, and as I was working on the refund template on the HR Block website, I was amazed by how much money I was getting back. I have never received this large amount, and I'm still awaiting an equally impressive amount from my state refund. So to get on top of booking my airfare for my Ireland/England trip in late May, I booked my outbound flight to Shannon through US Airways, and then I booked my Shannon to London leg on Aer Lingus. Along with booking on Aer Lingus, I reserved my Heathrow Express ticket too. All combined, I still saved $719 by not flying the rip off non-stop Delta flight from Detroit to London.

The importance of booking my flight with Aer Lingus so early is because they sell out quick. And when I purchased my seat this morning, they only had 3 seats left in the 'Plus' ticket category on my dates of travel (this price category allows you to pre-select your seat).

Due to some winter maintenance expenses for my car in the past few days, barring any other emergency bills and crap, I'm on target to use my state refund tax to buy an iPad. This will be a great tool to use while traveling and I like the iPad Mini 2 32GB; I don't need the newest, fastest and largest iPad. I mainly want it for wi-fi communication purposes so I can connect with family back home, and my friend in London. Since my mobile phone doesn't work overseas, it would help being able to keep in touch with folks. I'll buy it in a few weeks.

It really is a great stress reliever when I make the flight reservations for my next great adventure! Thank you tax refund!

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  1. Simone, congrats on getting the feds to pay for your trip (sort of, haha.) Have a wonderful trip, and enjoy your new ipad as well1